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Recent posts by Rd Dari


I am new to SOLR, how i can use it in my java application which is a CMS(Content Management Systems).
Please give me some idea to use it for tag searching and what is the zookeeper and why its required to use in CloudSolrClient.
6 years ago

Any idea two download two separate documents using spring view resolver on a single click using Spring MVC.

8 years ago
Hi All,

below is the code using Like operator using hibernate. Can any one tell me how to apply case Insesitive on the below query.

Thanks in advanced!
Thanks Ninad Kulkarni,
Definitely I'll follow the instructions.
9 years ago
Yes, you are right. Thanks for your suggestion and mostly I used to go in deep but sometimes to complete the work on time just skip so many things.

Thanks once again!
9 years ago

I am using Java since 4-5 years, but not getting the exact answer for the serialVersionUID in the Java class.

Why serialVersionUID is used in the class which implements the Serializable interface?

Is it compulsory to keep in the case of serialize?

Thanks in Advanced.
9 years ago
Thank K. TSang for reply
I am using this datasource:



and Hibernate.xml

I have an Excel sheet having three sheets.

In first sheet 380 records are there , in second sheet 1596 and in third sheet 5998 records are there but at the insertion time first and second sheet data is inserting successfully but in third sheet the data is varying at the insertion time means some times its inserting 2000 something , sometimes 3000 something and throwing the exception below:-

my code is :

can any one tell me the solution.

Thanks in advanced.
Tim ,
Thanks for replying me.

I used the isEmpty() to avoid the empty value in a map itself. Its adding only keys those have values.

9 years ago

I have a HashMap with multiple values at runtime. In that map one key has empty value , how to avoid this value to add in a list. some code sample is below:

I do not want to add the empty value in a list please suggest me in a right way.

result in map

result in List

9 years ago

I am reading the below Excel Sheet using this code , the requirement is to write it as a XML format(.xml) so how can i adjust all the subnodes as per key, value.

in first map:- field3 is the key, and field1 is the value
in second map : - as the key is field3 i need a map with the :- "field3"(key), "field1,field2,field3"(value) , i think it was not possible to set the values in map2 so to get this result i created a map2 and map3 to getting the output in map4

how can handle it as dynamic. e.g. 'Genitourinary Female' is the key in first map value is 'Physical Exam'

so using this key i need the related data from field1(Cell1) ,field2,(Cell2) and field3(Cell3)

means i need n numbers of Map.

Sorry ' if you are not able to understand my description'.

10 years ago

As per requirement i need a dynamic multi map in my application.

Can anybody give me some idea , how to write a method to create the dynamically map.

Thanks in advanced.
10 years ago
Thanks Dittmer,

I got your point and tried it and now its working fine.

I am able to identify the data as per sheet with the <products><Sheet1><product></product></Sheet1><Sheet2><product></product></Sheet2> and so on..........</products>

I applied the below change within the above code:

Thanks once again for your all efforts !!!