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Recent posts by Braiam Yesid

Hello people.

I am building a portal with search functionality similar to Yahoo, MSN and all those good olĀ“ search portals.

Front page:
- MySearch portlet displaying search query form
- many other portlets (news, calendar, etc)

Results page
- MySearch portlet displaying search results. No other portlets here.

I need that when the front page search form is submitted, the results page must be displayed. How can I achieve it?

Environment is:
- Liferay portal 5.2.3 (Tomcat bundle)
- Spring framework for portlet development
- Maven
- NetBeans IDE

Using Spring, I have defined the SearchController this way:



Using Spring SimpleFormController (org.springframework.web.portlet.mvc.SimpleFormController) how can I make the form post to the same portlet placed in another page?

Currently the search portlet is working, but it is showing in the same portal page. I need to make the portlet display one view (jsp) in one portal page and other view (jsp) in the other portal page.

I hope I've explained it clearly, thanks for your time folks.

14 years ago
Hello guys

Using JPA 2.0, I do not want that lazy loaded relationships become loaded after closing EntityManager.

This is what I'm using
Netbeans 6.8
PostgreSQL 8.4
EclipseLink 2.0

I mean, If an Entity object has a (lazily loaded) collection of other Entities, I expect that after closing the EntityManager, those relationships are not loaded. I want null fields or a NullPointerException. But what I'm getting after closing the EntityManager is the full node tree.

Class A

Class B

Main Class


As you can see, B may be too big to keep in memory. For example, I want to list all the 500 instances of A. And each A has 100 B, so I have a total of 5000 B objects. I want ONLY the list of A, without their B's loaded. But I'm getting all the 500 A's and all the 5000 B's.

Am I missing some point?

Thank you guys