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Recent posts by Abhijeet Sutar

Hi Oleksiy ,

Congrats. Thanks for sharing your preparation experience .

6 years ago
Hi all,

I am trying to run the one sample CORBA application , which HelloPersistent, from Here
I have all setup for running this app

but when i am trying to run the servertool for registering server , it hangs in and never responds

I used following command

servertool -ORBInitialPort 1050

(My ORBD is already running on port 1050)
then it gives me prompt and entered following command

servertool> register -server PersistentServer -applicationName s1
-classpath .

after this it hangs in and does not do anything

What could be wrong with this ??
6 years ago
This is what k&b says on page-289 of OCPJP6 book

from K&B book wrote:

Don’t spend time preparing for topics that are no longer on the exam!
In a nutshell, the Java 5 exam differs from the 1.4 exam by moving away from bits, and
towards the API. Many 1.4 topics related to operators have been removed from the exam,
so in this chapter you WON’T see
■ bit shifting operators
■ bitwise operators
■ two’s complement
■ divide by zero stuff
It’s not that these aren’t important topics, it’s just that they’re not on the
exam anymore, and we’re really focused on the exam.

Maxwell Wood wrote:
i am studying K&B book and i have studied about 500 questions so far??
do i need alot more???

try to go solve as many questions as possible ?

that 500 questions did covered all exam objectives then it is nice practice ,if not ,then go on another set of questions .
@Somprakash Rai
Next time, Whenever you want to ask new question, start in new topic.

Second,answer to above question,Whenever the byte ,short and char type variables used in the expression like above one ,addition , those variables are promoted to int type
7 years ago

Souvvik Basu wrote:
When I try to compile class Test going inside the folder hand, I get the following error : package body.left.leg does not exist

look for above post

Souvvik Basu wrote:
But it is crashing at runtime. When I try to run, it fails and gives the error.

TellTheDetails ...try to give more details about the runtime error and your command line invocation of java command
7 years ago
Compiling the file which is in package that requires class in the another package , you need to specify the classpath that is root of package directory
In this case, if you want compile class Test which is in directory,say. body/left/leg ,and this Test class requires another class i.e. TestHand, So you must specify classpath to TestHand for compiling the Test class + in Test class. you must specify package declaration .

Here is the program and command line invokation

Hope this helps
7 years ago
try using -classpath switch on javac command and in that set classpath as absolute path to your body folder
7 years ago

Nikita Dutt wrote:Hi All,

Have a small question where do reference variable at the class level gets stored ; for example

Hope i make sense ; thanks in advance


At line 12, you are creating the instance variable/field , Which is the reference variable, declaration and initialization ,of class MyClass
When you will create the instance of the ,then that instance will be stored on Heap memory along with all its instance variables/fields i.e. the state of the object

So, reference variable cL will be on heap as along as instance is on heap
and yes reference variable c2 which is declared inside method will be live as long as method code executes.

Hope this helps..
7 years ago
In Jar file ,which is created make sure follwing,
you have manifest file MANIFEST.MF under META-INF directory
and it has the Main-Class header as follwing
Main-Class: <classname_which_contains_main_method>
7 years ago
For reading the file line by line ,you have to use BufferedReader.readLine() method which returns next line text ,if it end of the file (Stream) it returns null
Following is the code for reading data from file

7 years ago

Prithvi Sehgal wrote:Hello,

and i firmly agree with Jevan to put your concept to practice as soon as you encounter some new topic.


You are refering Javin Paul right ..

I thought some technical word

Malte Wannerskog wrote:
I am not sure but I belive it has been changed to 60 questions. I have the new K&B Practice Exams book and there the exams have 60 questions and it says that you have to have 35 questions correct (58.3%).

thanks for info

Hi all,
I completed reading & studying the study guides and currently taking mock exams .

But i have confusion about the no. of questions in Exam ..

In Examlab software which is for SCJP/OCPJP 6 has 72 questions and also in K&B study guide it also mentioned the 72 questions in Exam .but i recerntly visited the i live in India,so refered the country site) there no. of questions for exam was mentioned the 60 .I just confused and I also visited the ,and also same thing

Just any one tell me that how many questions will be presented in the Real exam
okay Thank you ,

But Not understood this?

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:(but with Strings you need to be a bit more clear)

can you elaborate please ..
7 years ago