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Recent posts by Chris Kinsky

oh, thank you !

I'm still improving it, at the moment, the version is at 0.5

On that site I'll have links to the newest version if it comes out. I also tried to implement a global highscore ranking, and better graphics.
A bug is moving there now..

After reviewing the code and bringing it into a nicer form /* with comments */ I could post it here for interested people.
10 years ago
Thank you for your help. I've got it working.
the changed code:

This is my new version.
It is not very chewy at the moment, but it is a 0.X version still

Thanks again,

10 years ago
Thank you for your answer. I tried switching to swing, but I didn't manage it (yet).
My mistake was indeed located in paint()

I didn't want to give up my 'game', so I just moved on with awt.

In my IDE Eclipse, the gameflow is smooth. But if I open the applet via Firefox, all I get is a permission denied.
I use the igerman98-wordlist by Björn Jacke under GPL to generate words. This file is saved as words.txt in the world/ package.

You can reproduce the error here:

I read, that error is caused by false permissions, if you do not sign the code. Therefore I created a signed .jar archive which includes all pictures, class-files and words.txt.

You can reproduce the next error I get here:
It is a nullpointerexception, that appears, because it does not load the words from words.txt into an array.
The array is read at line 295, but is null..

This method reads the words.txt located in world/

I don't think you need my full code, it seems to be more an permissions-problem. If you want to see it anyway, just say so please.

Thanks for your time and advice,
Chris aka editalot
10 years ago

I'm new to Java Applets. I read a little tutorial(1) and this weekend, I'm actually trying to practise on a small piece of Code.
This is a ball moving through the 'void'. It is red. If you type 'Wort', it turns green.
Thats alright.
What does not work is drawing the char array 'name' or a String 'Hello World'. It just keeps flickering and disapearing.
Please tell me my mistake.

// double buffering and paint are probably the source of the evil


1: The tutorial i read:

10 years ago