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Recent posts by Pandian Ramaiah

Thanks Hebert,
But I have not used a composite primary key here.
Hi I have a view that contains the following data.

I want to map this to Hibernate entity. The first column 'Team_id' is not unique. Hence how can I write the mapping entries for this?
Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Great. Thanks David! it worked!
11 years ago
Hi David,
Thanks for your comments. Sorry I am a new bie.

here is my struts.xml declaration

<action name="comparisonAction" class="comparisonAction">
<result name="SUCCESS" type="tiles">comparison</result>

This is my spring context config

<bean id="comparisonAction" class="com.grassfield.lic.view.ComparisonAction">
<property name="licService" ref="licService" />

11 years ago
I use a simple web application that uses struts2 (view)- tiles (view) - Spring - Hibernate.
It is working fine. I have a strange behaviour explained below.

1. Consider I have form. I fill up the text boxes, select boxes and press Submit. The values are getting displayed. Perfect!
2. If I go to any other page and coming to the previous page again. The old values given are still retained by default and results are displayed as per the earlier selection.
3. This condition became worse when I have a try to insert records being fetched in the form. The records are getting duplicated with incremented IDs in database.

Hope I am clear to you. Do you know what could be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance
11 years ago