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Recent posts by Bill Gorder

Spring wraps it there are a number of flavors (including one for Hibernate3, Hibernate4 or JPA). Look at all the subclasses here

Spring transaction management allows you to use the declarative transactions (using @Trasactional) removing the need to write boiler plate transaction code.
9 years ago
Unfortunately this was a pain in the ass to do before 3.1. You are on the right track you need to configure the object mapper to not include nulls and then set that object mapper on the HttpMessageConverter. The unfortunate thing about how things were in Spring 3.0 is that the easiest way to do this would have been to supply your own AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter and set the object mapper on it. However in order for that to work you can not use <mvc:annotation-driven /> or its ignored. This means you would have to manually do everything that <mvc:annotation-driven /> did for you (which is a lot)

You can see in the ticket below the workaround suggested was to right a bean post processor (yuck)

Anyways is there a reason you cannot upgrade Spring? There is a pretty well documented upgrade path, and would definitely be worth it to upgrade.
9 years ago
You will want to configure your connection factory appropriately.

You can use transactions that fail to cause the rollback/retry. There are a number of different strategies here, and of course the best way to handle this comes down to your requirements. I still think this article is an awesome read regarding that:

Lastly if Spring JMS support is not cutting it you will find more advanced integration techniques supported in the Spring Integration project.
9 years ago

Maria Stevany wrote:Spring Boot. I reccomend it most. No need to write classes of configuration. All needed just a two rows script to run the app and a properties / yml file (your choose) which is where you define the basic conf of your app such as driver of the database, path url, user, password.

Actually now you only need one
9 years ago
Welcome. I know this book has been a long time in the making, but I am glad you updated it for 2.x!
9 years ago
Are you at work? Is there a proxy?

It is always better to post new questions in a new topic. That is most likely why your last post was not noticed. I think the answers I see on SO address your issue though. Be sure to add the dependencies specified there.
9 years ago

The message sticky on their forum said it was closed due to inactivity. They tell you to post on SO with the tags given. However SO often is not necessarily newcomer friendly for that I would recommend this forum
9 years ago
Craig said here:

That Spring 4 is covered. You are missing some of the latest features from 4.1 but that is a far cry from being out dated I doubt that the absence of these invalidates much (if any) of the contents of the book. It takes a long time to write a book, it would never make it to press if it had to be updated for every point release
9 years ago
Ill add one more more to the pile. I just love being able to set breakpoints within my @Bean configuration without combing through the XML parsing code to find out where I need to set it
9 years ago
I thought the same thing as they seemingly overlap some. However at SpringOne there was a presentation on this very thing and it turns out they are not mutually exclusive. You can use XD as a Source and Spark as a processor. There is also more in the works for adding support for Spark in XD.

I have not watched the presentation yet as I was in a different session at the time, however the slide deck is already available.
9 years ago
Gunnar and David both recently blogged about security related things with Angular and Spring. Gunnar I know likes angular a lot, and I have not had any specific issues with it either. The Jhipster stuff is a little to busy for my liking. Here are some distilled angular security examples
9 years ago
Glad you got it working! Thanks for posting back with what worked.
9 years ago