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I am from Azerbaijan and currently live in Germany.
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Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
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Recent posts by Elchin Asgarli

Andi Noviandi wrote:

Elchin Asgarli wrote:Head First EJB is for 2.x version of EJB, so it is more or less useless. I personally use EJB in Action now, but I will also skim over EJB 3.1 from oreilly.

If I am not mistaken, EJB in Action is for EJB 3.0, is this still appropriate to read for EJB 3.1 exam?

I hope it is, cause that is what I am reading right now But as I said, I am planning to definitely skim over EJB 3.1 to see differences between 3.0 and 3.1, its just that I have read some negative reviews about EJB 3.1 book, that it is hard to learn from, so I preferred EJB in Action to first learn things, and then EJB 3.1 to get ready for the exam.
So which tablet is it in here? http://www.android.com/about/ Is it just a picture and not an exact model?
11 years ago
Hi everyone!

I know that may look like a dumb question for a programming forum, but I would like to know, what is the "reference" tablet for Android OS?

By reference I mean, for example "reference" phone for Android 2.3 was Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus is the phone for Android 4.0.

I hope my question makes sense!
11 years ago
Head First EJB is for 2.x version of EJB, so it is more or less useless. I personally use EJB in Action now, but I will also skim over EJB 3.1 from oreilly.
I agree with Roberto, they are not necessary, so usually in such cases it is better not to include them
Just by outputting tag? Or you want to return the binary content of the pdf? Then you better use servlets, since JSP is not meant for binary content.
11 years ago
POST is secure only if used with SSL. SSL does not encrypt query string, so even if you use GET and SSL, it will be still unsecure.
11 years ago

Matt Bliese wrote:
That's crazy.

That is just a flower There are way more crazy things ))
11 years ago

It seems like an interesting breed of Java and C to me Gotta learn it someday!
11 years ago
What about lets say System Architect? Are they suitable for such types of jobs?

And what is the the equivalent degree in US education system? Information Systems seems not to be it..
11 years ago

Svend Rost wrote:I think you'll find more information on the universities that offer this degree than here. For instance: If you can take a semester abroad depends on the university, some might offer this - others might not.


Websites have general description of the program, however I just don't get the essential idea behind it. That's why I am looking for someone who has such a degree and could share his/her experience.
11 years ago
I have seen that German and also some other European universities offer a masters degree in Wirtschaftsinformatik(Business Informatics). What is this degree about? For whom is it intended? Is it something like a combination of MBA and Ms. Computer Science? What are career possibilities? Is there a usual requirement for a semester abroad?

P.S. I've read the wikipedia page, but I want to know the personal experiences.
11 years ago
Try Apache Commons Codec library that has base64 decoder and encoder.
12 years ago