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Recent posts by Eric Pascarello

Well IE10 changed filter support and moved to SVG. Guessing that is your problem.

Does everything come down to self-control and will power?

Of course just like everything else in life. What makes things easier is do not put the temptations in front of you and prepare healthy things ahead of time so you can not use the excuse that it takes too long to make XYZ when this is right here.

My fitness is I normally run 60+ miles a week with core workouts once or twice a week. Nice thing about running is all you need is some shoes (some people say you do not even need that) and some free time. Check out if you want to look into running.
9 years ago
You are removing the div. It is removing the whole element, it is NOT removing the content in the element. So when you add to it, there is no element there to add too!

If you want to remove the elements inside, you want to use empty()

Anything that makes an http request to the server can pass data back.

images, iframes, stylesheets, external scripts, XMLHttpRequest Object, etc

J. Kevin Robbins wrote:It's called from the success function of an Ajax call.

There is no Ajax call!

Read the documentation for
There is no div as a parent. Wrap the two new elements in a div and your code would work.

It is as simple as: You can not return from an Asynchronous method.

The success is called after the function has already completed. It is like trying to get on a airplane after it already left the airport. Not going to happen.
I ran your code in IE9 and I get the error:

SCRIPT122: The data area passed to a system call is too small.

Bear told you the problem...


Name != Id
What is displayed in that confirmation is based of the user's language settings. You have no control over that.
PHP runs on the server it would not help in any way of building user interaction on the clientside. PHP is not more powerful ;)

Bear Bibeault wrote:Yeah, it would be nice if we could just tell everyone to use a modern browser.

Some of us are lucky to work at companies that require it.