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Recent posts by bhanu chowdary

Hey, I got my certificate yesterday.
I have mailed them at with all the details. Below is the reply that I have got from them.

Thank you for confirming your address.
We have requested a reshipment of your Oracle Certified Expert, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 JavaServer Pages and Servlet Developer certificate to the address which you verified. You should allow up to 3-4 weeks for processing and delivery
Please feel free to email us with your questions and concerns at, include your Testing ID in all your mails so that we may assist you with your request at the earliest.
OCP Team

So I have to wait for another 4 weeks. You are lucky you got your SCJP certificate in time. Ever for that I had to go through all this.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Agree, but beware: many people nowadays think singletons are not a good design pattern; indeed some people say "singleton antipattern".

Campbell, Could you please explain this in detail?
12 years ago
Alternatively, you can use the complete path of javac.exe in the bin directory of your jdk installation. But setting the PATH environment variable is preferred so that you can use the javac command directly.
12 years ago

Rishabh Shah wrote:its been written that
Singleton s1 = Singleton.getInstance();
Singleton s2 = Singleton.getInstance();
Singleton s3 = Singleton.getInstance();
it means that the object is created once only, but, it is reference by s1,s2, it so ?

Yes. For more information please read Singleton Pattern
12 years ago

Rishabh Shah wrote:Thank you so much everyone...I got an idea now..Thanks a Lot !

You are welcome Rishabh
12 years ago
Suppose if I have a hash algorithm which calculates a hash like this

A B C D E ...... Z
1 2 3 4 5 ...... 26

so for a string "bhanu" my hash will be 2 + 8 + 1 + 14 + 21 = 46
and for the reverse string "unahb" the value is 21 + 14 + 1 + 8 + 2 = 46

In the above case both strings are not the same but the hash value returned is the same. Therefore two objects are not necessarily be equal if the hashcode is same. To determine the equality you have to check for the content of both the strings.
Hi Satnam,
How are you generating the file? Please put the code here.
12 years ago
Better contact them at the link provided under the certification status tab.
Welcome to the Ranch .
Please log into Oracle Certview, you can check the status of your success kit here.
Copy pasting from oracle cert view.

My certification shows up here, why have I not received my certificate?

Less than 6-8 weeks has elapsed since completing your certification requirements.
Please allow up to 8 weeks to receive your kit after you have completed your final certification requirement.
Your address is incorrect in our database and your certificate might have been returned.
Go to Pearson VUE Website and select "Personal Info" to update your address.
Check to confirm when the updated address shows up in your CertView profile
Once the updated address shows up in your CertView profile, please contact Oracle Certification Support .
If you still have not received your certificate after the waiting period and your address is correct in your Pearson VUE profile, please contact Oracle Certification Support .
Please include your Oracle Testing ID number in your message.

Please UseCodeTags while posting and choose an appropriate forum.
12 years ago
When you are doing arr[0]+=1 you are manipulating the actual value in the array.
But when you are using you are actually assigning the value in the array to another variable 's' and manipulating it, which will not have any impact on the array. This is similar to
12 years ago

Rishabh Shah wrote:can you give me an example ? so, i can get better idea ....

A variable which maintains the number of times a page has been viewed. In this case you have to use a static variable. If you use an instance variable here you will not get the correct count.
12 years ago