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Recent posts by Marvin Serrano

Hello all,

I've followed the procedures to sign my Android apps using my own private key, ensuring the certificates expire after Oct. 2033, etc. I've also given it an appropriate versionName and title and stuff; I've followed all of the procedures to properly prepare and sign my apps. Now I have a compressed .apk file of the application.

My question is this: is that file all I need to successfully upload my application to the Android Market? Or is there another step that's needed?

Thank you in advance,

9 years ago
I for example, in my getnewRL method, I was right in defining those two RelativeLayout.layoutParams? Say if I have two textviews, and one of my layoutparams, call it layout1, has:


and the second one, layout2, has layout_below (something like that lol), and I say:

addView(TextView1, layout1);
addView(TextView2, layout2);

It should print out the first one to the left side of the parent, and the second one should be below the first one? Would these layouts be passed outside of my getnewRL method? Because I want to pass each RelativeLayout, with these parameters, to the onCreate() method, which adds these RelativeLayouts to a LinearLayout.

Sorry for all the questions, my internship has me working on this and nobody there knows how to program in Android
9 years ago
Thank you for your prompt response!

I tried adding a rule to a RelativeLayout.LayoutParams variable, like so:


I'm guessing these rules aren't being passed outside of the method I'm calling? Because I'm adding the rule correctly I believe...argh lol.
9 years ago
Hey everyone!

I'm trying to create a bunch of RelativeLayouts inside of a LinearLayout, defined via XML. It would work well, except that I have to place one image beside another; hence the RelativeLayout issue (otherwise I'd just place a bunch of TextViews and stuff directly into the LinearLayout). The RelativeLayouts show, but each view I add to each RelativeLayout overlaps each other. For example, as you'll see in the following code, I call addView on the current RelativeLayout with three TextViews, an ImageView, and a Button, but they all overlap each other. Here's my code:

I apologize if there are a lot of commented-out sections; I've been toying with this for decades lol. If anybody knows how to place one View below another in a RelativeLayout, WITHOUT using XML (these are multiple instances of RelativeLayouts; since you can only call an XML RelativeLayout once from my experience, the layout must be done manually via Java ), please let me know.

Thanks in advance!


9 years ago
I'm having a similar problem with my XML parsing; it just stops whenever an ampersand is hit. How can I modify the characters() method to ignore that case? Any sample code would be greatly appreciated.