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Recent posts by Suresh Tatiparti

Thanks for this forum and it helped me to get done SCDJWS 5 exam today.

Many thanks to Ivan for his exam objectives 5 guide and MZ's quiz.

According to the score my weakest parts are General design architecture, UDDI, Security and WSIT.
There are many questions on architecture and interoperability.


10 years ago
If you still see problem downloading Ivan's exam objectives.

There is a local copy from javaranch.
find for this "local copy of Ivan Krizsan's exam objectives PDF" in

I can suggest you to download glassfish with netbeans and go to the following URL and
practice and this may help you to memorize few things.
Ivan gone through numerous specifications and extracted content what we need for exam.

I can suggest you, don't jump straight in Ivan notes if you are new to web services.

First read Java Web Services - by RMH (exclude JAX-RPC, JAXR)
choose some other book for JAX-WS, REST, Security (I choose Orielly Web Services UP and running)

Then you will wonder how Ivan made all together in just 400 pages.

Best wishes!
Hi Varma,

Congrats! you got amazing score.
Did you practise Ivan's JAXR examples to connect to the registry, add organization, delete etc..
10 years ago

I read soapAction attribute is optional in WSDL binding, which means it can be omitted or put empty value with double quotes "".
In this case do we must set soapAction in soapMessage? If yes how we can do it in header, assuming we are not using httpservlet as client.

For ex: Assume we omit soapAction from this snippet.
<x1:binding name="ServiceSoapBinding" type="x3:OfferMgmtServicePort">
<x4:binding style="document" transport=""; />
<x1:operation name="add">
<x4:operation soapAction="add" style="document" />

Thanks in advance.

Until few days back i was able to see course content for SCDJWS exam. Now i could not find it in Oracle website.
If any have link or content please share to me.