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Recent posts by shoeb sayyed

In this example I want the element name to be same as the child node I get. Can you please tell me how is that possible using XSLT
i need to check for the presence of the blob in the following XML file using XML

i tried using <xsl:if test="root/items/blob"> but it is not working can you suggest a solution
let me show you my servlet code.
It is not in a package

I have not made any package. It is a very simple application.
Hi This is a very simple servlet program.

I am trying to deploy it on the weblogic server but i get this error as follow

Unable to access the selected application.

javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.exceptions.InvalidModuleException: [J2EE Deployment SPI:260105]Failed to create
DDBeanRoot for application, 'E:\AqanTech\WebApp1\myApp.war'.

I have checked everything, right from my code to my web.xml file. I have used a build.bat file to build my war file.

Hi i am totally new to EJB's

can you suggest me some good video tutorials?
I am new to EJB. I hardly read books

Can you suggest some video tutorials for EJB?
I am really sorry.

There is a space

it is jar -cvf myWar.war home.html WEB-INF;

I am not able to deploy my war file after this?
8 years ago
E:\AqanTech\WebApp1\WEB-INF\src>javac -d .\classes ..\src\*.java
..\src\ error while writing S1: .\classes\S1.class (The system cannot
find the path specified)
public class S1 extends HttpServlet

I just pasted the error from the command Prompt Window

please someone help me with this?
8 years ago
i did jar-cvf -MyWar.war home.html WEB-INF;

it is not getting deployed on weblogic

how do it do it?
8 years ago
the structure of my files are as follows



i want to have .class file to be stored in E:\AqanTech\WebApp1\WEB-INF\classes\ after compilation

i am trying to compile it using javac -d .\classes ..\src\*.java while i am in E:\AqanTech\WebApp1\WEB-INF\src

it gives me an error which is attached in the file

Can you please help me with that?

8 years ago
I get it man.

When I call the methodGetInt(). The call goes to the superClass.

I have created an object using the subClass by saying [subClass s=new subClass()]

Now my question is I want to invoke the methodgetInt() of the subClass to print 10;
8 years ago

Now I am confused, how would I call the method in the subclass to print 50?
8 years ago