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Raluca Stanculescu

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Recent posts by Raluca Stanculescu

First of all congratulations on your result!

I have a question about your preparation for the exam. How much time did you allocate for the changes in these specifications:
Spec: JSR-000245 JavaServer Pages 2.2 and Expression Language 2.2 (Maintenance Release)
Spec: JSR-000052 JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library Specification (Maintenance Release 2)

I understand that
JSR-000315 JavaTM Servlet 3.0 (Final Release) brings a lot of changes, but what about the other two I mentioned above?
Was the book HFSJSP sufficient to cover those?


6 years ago
I have decided to go another way with this, by using this API.
Luckily it meets all my needs.

Hope this helps somebody.

Hello everybody,

I haven't been able to find a solution to this problem for a while now. You are my last hope.
I am trying to fill out a word document from java with text (it's a CV type thing) and tables.
Anyway it goes something like this

The problem is that while poi 3.6 doesn't keep the same fonts and format of the initial file, poi 3.2 (I read on a forum that it will work), does keep some of the formatting but it still is no good at all.

I find it unbelievable that something as important as this does not work.

Kind regards,