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Recent posts by Shashank Acharya

Hi Bill,

Can I switch to axis 2 for json response?

Sorry for that I haven't mentioned my client.Basically my client is mobile app in android.

I surely search for jersey.

Thanks for your reply.
13 years ago
I am not getting you clearly at the point "using file transfer protocol" please clarify the question in lucid manner.
13 years ago
Hello Friends,

I am using axis 1(which comes as built-in in eclipse 3.4) fro my current running web service.Now as per new requirement I want the response this web service in JSON.Can anyone help me out that how to solve this.Currently the response is in xml format.

Thanks In Advance.
13 years ago
Hi Ivan,shivendra

@shivendra I wrote a plain logic for it & my eclipse ide has made fine wsdl for me.

@Ivan I am using Apache Axis web service for it. My question is that I want to collect files of total 1 mb from specific folder.

Here is my code to retrieve that. I am easily getting that.

Now my question is
1. If the web service is called how can I know that it first call or second call.i.e if when server has started first time the web service is called,if after some time web service is called second time how can I track that.
2. How to track that this many files are send to client & next are remaining.i.e if in first call I send total of 4 files(having 1 mb of size),then in second call I have to send files from 5th file upto my required size.

Can you please help in this.

Please ask me if it not clear.
Thanks for reply.
13 years ago
Hello All,

My question is that I want to send pdf files through web service with condition that only 1mb of files are taken from that folder containing many files.

Please help me to resolve this question.I am new to web service.
Ask me again if it not clear.
Thanks In Advance.
13 years ago
Hello All,

I stuck in middle of the problem.

My question contains two problems
1.When tried to send multiple files to android app it shows OutOfMemoryException
2.When i tried to send four or five files it just write data of the first file.(Sending Response as Array of Bean FileData).

Now my main from which I made my web service.

Interface:- MultipleFiles

The Bean:- FileData having two properties viz. FileName & FileData.

Now the main android code through which I call web service getting response which array of bean FileData.

Note:-I am using Apache Axis 1.4 for web service in eclipse ide. WSDL is generated via ide.

Please help me.
Thanks in Advance.
13 years ago
Hello friends,

Can anyone solve my question as I am new to webservice.
My question is

I want to build a web service which when called from client side sends pdf files to client.

Now can some one please solve my error.

Now my web service & code looks likes this.


Main Class from which web service is created:-

And Now My Android Code.

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.
13 years ago
I think you should take your file in following way:-

Hope that works for you.It works for me to read every file from sdcard.
13 years ago
Thanks Ulf Dittmer Dude
I just searching for the solution & immediately got on.Using this in my project

Thank You Very Much For Support

Hi Friends,

I am making a web application on project management system.In that I used index.jsp, validation.jsp.

The problem is that when check username & password in validation.jsp,it just sends it welcome.jsp with Username as null without checking whether username or password is null or not.

Here My Each & Every JSP page I used please help me about how to I reslove this problem.Also tell me how to send username to welcome.jsp page using this code or another.




Thanks In Advance
13 years ago
Congrats Kanishka
14 years ago
Any One Solve this Problem.

This is what i do with my page of get value from database into combo box.

The result of this code is empty combo box.

Please help in this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Please anyone help me sort out this problem.

My problem is that i want to display edit & delete button in table where used to display data from database.

Thanks in Advance
14 years ago
Can Any One Tell Me how can use Hibernate in JavaFX for database binding.
I prefer code or sample tutorial.

Thanks in Advance.
14 years ago