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Recent posts by Alan Blass


I am using Spring Boot with Hibernate and I am having this error:

 Initializing Spring DispatcherServlet 'dispatcherServlet'
""2019-04-18 17:57:44 - HHH000397: Using ASTQueryTranslatorFactory
""2019-04-18 17:57:45 - HHH000100: Fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.internal.CollectionLoadContext@3be79f33<rs=HikariProxyResultSet@792585095 wrapping Result set representing update count of -1>
""2019-04-18 17:57:45 - HHH000100: Fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.internal.CollectionLoadContext@196926f4<rs=HikariProxyResultSet@1830646155 wrapping Result set representing update count of 2>
""2019-04-18 17:57:45 - HHH000100: Fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.internal.CollectionLoadContext@62c7f48d<rs=HikariProxyResultSet@373978636 wrapping Result set representing update count of 2>

I think is this code. The error is shown when this code is run:

I'm not sure where it is causing the error. I wonder if you could please help me or ask me for more information.

Thanks in advance.
2 months ago
Hi Tim,

Yes, it did. Thank you very much for your suggestion.
1 year ago
Hi Tim,

Thank you for your answer.

I have changed it; it runs. But before Activity B starts, Activity A's onActivityResult() method is called first. Then Activity B starts.

When Activity B finishes, Activity A's onActivityResult() does not get called.

Here is how I end by Activity B:

Am I doing something wrong? Please help. Thanks.
1 year ago

I have an activity(Activity A) and a custom adapter, MyProductsAdapter. In my custom adapter, I would like to call Activity B for result so that Activity A gets the result.

In Activity A:

in MyProductsAdapter:

in MyProductsAdapter's getView():

But the app crashes at the last line. Error message is:  java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to

Please help. If I am unclear, please ask me to elaborate. Thanks.
1 year ago
By the way, there is no #_=_ in my email.

Please help. Thanks.
2 years ago

I am doing a redirect to another page.

but when it goes to socialLogin.jsp it appends a #_=_ character like this:


I am unable to display the page. Please help me to remove the #_=_

2 years ago
Hi Tapas,

I am using Struts. not the usual Java. I have tried to use mapping.findForward("mobileNewAddress") but still the same results.

Please help on how to use Struts with redirecting to the .jsp page.

2 years ago

I have a socialSignUp.jsp page which submits to page which processes the information.

After that it redirects to enterAddress.jsp page. But in the browser URL, it is still page although the enterAdress.jsp page is shown.

What could be wrong? Please help. Thanks.

My Config.xml:

My form, socialSignUp.jsp:

in file:

2 years ago
Thanks! It works.
2 years ago
My apologies. What I meant was:

return mapping.findForward(Mypage);

and Mypage is defined in my struts.xml as

<forward name="Mypage" path="/jsp-mobile/sys/Mypage.jsp"/>
2 years ago

I would like to do a redirection in a .do page.

My code in the execute method:

return mapping.findForward("Mypage.jsp");

The page managed to redirect to Mypage.jsp but the URL in the browser is still the original .do page. Now, Mypage.jsp, I have some a href links, which cannot be clicked because it throws an exception. The a href links are valid.

Please help.

If you require more information, do ask me for more.

2 years ago
There is no paper trail. Just verbal conversation. That's why the manager can deny it.

Staging is not production. Staging is just a server for the client to see the application before it is released to production.
3 years ago
This is the scenario:

There was a bug in the system. It couldn't be reproduced the error on localhost using the testing API connection. I asked the technical manager how I should proceed.

He said use my localhost to connect to the staging API connection since it can be reproduced on the staging server. I also asked about the database. He said just put in one item in our testing database. There is no way to connect to the staging database without a VPN.

I connected to the staging API using the testing database and was able to reproduce the bug. Afterwards, I solved the bug.

A few days later, the customer found that all the products on the staging server disappeared. An investigation found that I has connected to the staging API without their permission and this has caused the products to be temporarily removed from the cache since the database was different. I had no knowledge of the products that could be removed from the cache previously.

Customer threatened to make our company pay for loss of products display on the staging server. The technical manager now says there is no need to connect to the staging API. He was the one who gave the idea of this connection and instructed me to do so. Now he says it is not his fault and is putting the blame on me. I am the one who connected.

I do not know how large our company has to pay. Neither do I know if I can keep my job.

What should I do? Please help. Thanks.
3 years ago