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Recent posts by mak zoe

Ulf Dittmer wrote:I'm not sure if JCE works on JME, but you have the KeyGenerator import commented out without which the compiler can't know about the class.

If JCE does not work on JME, check out the BouncyCastle API - it has a version that runs on JME.

I comment it out as it is not found in the library.

I tried BouncyCastle... but it requires signning...
9 years ago
I am currently working on the encrption and decryption on Java ME
I search the net and found something similar using Java SE
However, the point is that... in Java ME, I can't found a class "keyGenerator" (in startApp)
(I use netbean and it's underlined in red)
What should I do for it? am I missing any unimported class??

The following is the code I am working on,,,
9 years ago
do you mean that I need..
first get the string from user
then do the crypto algorithm
then convert it using MIME
then sent the MIME ENCODING?
and then from the receiver side, do the way round?
9 years ago
what is MIME?
would you mind explain it in more practically?

Is there no way to read byte[] using HTTPConnection, isn't?
9 years ago
as I am actually sending the encrypted password through the inputstream using the HTTPConnection.
How can I handle the byte[] using read()?

poor student with poor programming knowledge:(
9 years ago

Rob Prime wrote:

shivendra tripathi wrote:Why don't you use BASE64Encoder and BASE64Decoder classes?

Because that's not proper encrypting; anyone who has a Base64 decoder can decode the "encrypted" string without even needing a key. javax.crypto.Cipher is a better option. I always use it in combination with the Blowfish algorithm


Hey Rob,
What special using blowfish?
What's the differences and advantages over the other algorithm??
9 years ago
I am working on a class, which needs a method for encryption password which is a String.
as it will be sent towards a servlet. I need to make sure the password is encrypted so that people may not know the exact password even if something bad happens during the transmittion.

What I need is just simple, simple and simple, a short method is needed.
I am thinking of multipying the string with a constant and divided it back for decryption....

Any suggestion?
Or any similar method shown on the net?

9 years ago
Hi all, I am first here...
I am now working a servlet which will also be connected to the database.
The problem is that , it shows the following error...

type Status report

message HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL

description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource (HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL).

I have tried the following code and also the code :: doPost(request,response);
However, both don't work...

Please help...

9 years ago