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In the java policy file what will happen if we comment out

//permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "stopThread";.

My understanding is that we can't call thread.stop() anywhere in the program am i rite?
If we call it should say "Access denied"... But we should be able to work on with thread.start and

If any Text area is built with AWT closing it by clicking on "X" on the window will call this thread.stop() method?
7 years ago
Hi MinHaj,

Thank you very much for the reply. I have been in QA and moved into prg (followed my dream). But i don't have good confidence first. I accept i need to work hard with dedication and committment. I understand the methods written in a code but i am unable to write a good prg with overloading or inner classes or with I/o also. I thought if i can prepare and get SCJP i can be thorough atleast in Core Java which will boost my confidence. I bought K&B book today and i went into a dilema whether i should go thru a java complete reference first and get hold of all the essential stuff and then come to this K&B so that i can understand easily what is it in every chapter or i can directly start working on this K&B.


I have been working along with Java technology for copule of years. But i am not fully into core java alone. My debugging would be into JSP,Servlets,Java and Javascript. When i entered into this job i don't know nothing abt Java prg. But still i am not an intermediate prgmr in core java. Now i am plannning to take up SCJP 1.6. Whether i should go thru any java books and then study K&B SCJP 1.6 book for preparation or directly i can study the K&B ? Please help me out. I want to have sound knowledge of core java first so that it will bring up my confidence in prg.

Thanks in advance