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Recent posts by mukund kulkarni

Congratulations . Its a perfect SCORE.

All the best for part II & III
I ma using DB2 database . I have to insert 10,000 rows in an temp table .
I am using st.addBatch() and st.executebatch() after adding 10,000 rows.

Is there any limit on the data we can add in a batch. any size limit ?

Please let me know .

I want to use the Secured connection HTTPS .
I am having a Java client that need to connect to the Servelet running on the webserver.
how to achieve this. Please guide me
Thanks in advance
18 years ago
Thanks for the URL .
I have gone through the same.
I want some more information on Connector architecture. There is very less information available on the SUn site .
18 years ago
Hi Congratulations to all the winners.
I have one question .
Who and how the winners are decided ???
(just for curiosity only !!)
18 years ago
Have you started the RMI registry or you are doing it programatically.?
pl post the code segment where you are getting htis error.
18 years ago
Hi all,
Can any one please tell me where to find the details( any tutorial) about the Java Connector Architecture.
18 years ago
You can use the JNLP to launch the typical web application but this isn't the best way to use JWS.
It is mainly used for launching/deploying the standalone applications . For web application you don't require any deploying of jars.
Is there any specific scenario where you want to use JWS in web application ?
18 years ago
Can any one tell me how to integrate the JAAS(java Authentication ..) framework with the Java Web Start.
IN a typical J2EE based application having thick SWING client how to use the authentication and start the JWS application. Is there any link between JWS and JAAS.
18 years ago
We can do it with some modifications.
YOu can write a wrapper which will launch the applet inside a Panel. This wrapper class can be launched with the help of jnlp.
all other jars can be part of the jnlp including the codebase.
18 years ago
Its a good quesion.
Currently JWS works only with the HTTP. As we are calling it as a solution for all deployment related problem there should be some way to do it.
Sun people might answer this question.?
18 years ago
I had also the same problem with the third party jars.
And the only way is to unjar each file then rejar it (essentially creating a new JAR file with a good CRC) then sign the new JAR.
As JWS is new technology nad it requires that all the jars to be signed (if you have mentioned all-permissions) third party vendors need to take care of these issues in their further releases.
18 years ago
There is a way to solve the above problem
you can mention jre version as 1.2+
first JWS will look for the exact version if it doesn't found the same then it will go for the next higher version available onb the machine.
This way you can make sure that the it will work even if the client has jdk1.3 installed on machine
[ April 16, 2002: Message edited by: mukund kulkarni ]
18 years ago
Yes we have implemented a big project using JWS.
Its a Typical client-server based J2EE project having a thick client (client consists of about 400 developed classes) based on Java SWING.
Previously we were thinking of using JApplet which contains the SWING component.BUt it has many limitations and it is very slow.
We have used the web start for launching the client. It downloads all the client classes including third party jars on the client machine for the first time only.
It has helped us in following ways
1)Ease of deployment.
2) Versioning can be handled very easily.
3) Fast compare to applet
4) as secure as applet
18 years ago