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Recent posts by Pratik Chhichhia

Hi Jeff,

First of all congratulations for your new book launch.

I have been working on Java platform for different solutions since 10 years now..

I wonder how much time it would take for me to learn the Android app development which
is fairly bug free, efficient and aesthetically good UI.

I experience lot of gamification happening around equally for Web applications with Responsive UI and
have equivalent mobile app too which virtually supports all the mobile platforms.

My immediate aspirations are:
1. Learning Andriod framework and building simple andriod based apps
2. Building portable Apps on a common platform which supports all devices like Andriod, iOS, Windows, etc.

It would be great if you can throw some light and guide me how to move forward.

Thanks in advance..
9 years ago
Welcome, Mr. Friesen...we are glad and privileged to have you here...
9 years ago
Hi prakash,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, exactly.

I am using following props to connect. = oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
url = jdbcracle:thin:@ipaddr:1521:testdb

Can you throw some light relevant to this ?

Thanks again.

prakash pawar wrote:hi

are you asking the DriverManager Class ??

Hi jan,


I am using following 2 properties at the time of connecting to oracle. = oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
url = jdbc:oracle:thin:@ipaddr:1521:testdb

Moreover, I referred docs on which says following:
"A native-API partly Java technology-enabled driver converts JDBC calls into calls on the client API for Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, or other DBMS.
Note that, like the bridge driver, this style of driver requires that some binary code be loaded on each client machine."

Can you throw some more light on above reference from the doc keeping the url and driver class in the middle.

Thanks again,

Jan Cumps wrote:Welcome to JavaRanch, Pratik.

It depends on the connection string you are using. Several types are bundled inside this jar.

From Oracle:

These are the driver versions in the 11R1 release:

- JDBC Thin Driver 11R1
100% Java client-side JDBC driver for use in client applications,
middle-tier servers and applets.

- JDBC OCI Driver 11R1
Client-side JDBC driver for use on a machine where OCI 11R1
is installed.

- JDBC Thin Server-side Driver 11R1
JDBC driver for use in Java program in the database to access
remote Oracle databases.

- JDBC Server-side Internal Driver 11R1
Server-side JDBC driver for use by Java Stored procedures. This
driver used to be called the "JDBC Kprb Driver".

Regards, Jan

Can anyone please let me know which driver type category "ojdbc5.jar" falls under.
using the DB as Oracle 11g.

Thanks in advance,