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Recent posts by Unnsse Khan

Thanks Scott!

That link is very informative!
13 years ago
Cool, but can't Macs only pair with one device at a time?
13 years ago
I like the Magic Mouse but I don't like how small the Apple Wireless Keyboard is.

The problem with most new really good external keyboards is that they come with a mouse (inside the box).

Does anyone know of a good wireless keyboard (such as a Logitech) which would suit my needs?

I always thought that with Bluetooth, you could only pair one device at a time (I experienced this on my old PowerBook).

Has anyone tried the Logitech DiNovo Edge (Mac Edition) or something comparable?


Happy programming.
13 years ago
Has anyone passed the Flex Certification?

If so, any hints on how to prepare would be greatly appreciated...
13 years ago
Am a Java developer who is fortunate enough to use his MacBook Pro for development. The tools I use are Eclipse, Tomcat, and SVN.

I use a brand new 15" MacBook Pro (running Snow Leopard) at work where I connect to an 24" Acer Monitor and Logitech keyboard and Logitech mouse using a wireless receiver which connects to one of my USB ports on my laptop. Connect to the Acer LCD Monitor via the Mini DVI cable.

Its really useful to be able to drag and drop items between two monitors (one being the screen on my MacBook Pro, the other being the screen on my Acer LCD).

However, my keyboard is old and I am seeking what the best external keyboard and mouse pair is for my needs. I need it to connect to a wireless receiver (so I can connect that to my USB port on my laptop) and have the keyboard and mouse connect with the wireless receiver. I don't really like the small wireless keyboard that Apple sells.


(1) What is the *BEST* wireless keyboard and mouse that would suit my needs?

(2) Would the keyboard automatically map with my Apple Command and Option keys? And, if I disconnected it from my laptop would my MacBook Pro's keys become back to normal or would I have to manually map the keys (between laptop and external keyboard) everytime I disconnect them?

Thank you for taking the time to read this...
13 years ago
Hello Fellow Ranchers,

I write Java, Ruby, Python, and Scala code on a Intel iMac and a MacBook Pro.

Am wondering if I should update my machines to Snow Leopard? Will it cause problems for the technologies I use to develop in?

Am thinking about waiting...

What are other people's experiences when they updated?
13 years ago
I didn't have time to check it out to that extent, per se.

NetBeans has evolved very nicely, but I am still an Eclipse guy...
14 years ago
Am starting on a new project which is going to use REST based web services...

The app server we are planning on using is JBoss...

Am wondering what the *BEST* tool / IDE is to use to write REST based Java programs?

So, far its narrowed down to:

(1) NetBeans ( as referred from this doc): < http://dlc.sun.com/pdf/820-4867/820-4867.pdf >

(2) JBoss Developer Studio (for RESTEasy)

(3) Eclipse EE < http://www.eclipse.org/home/categories/index.php?category=enterprise >

(4) MyEclipse Pro ( as referred from this URL): < http://www.myeclipseide.com/documentation/quickstarts/webservices_rest/ >


(1) What is the difference between RESTEasy and Jersey?

(2) If the target deployment platform is JBoss should my team stick with JBoss Developer Studio?

With thanks...
14 years ago
Nathan, thank you so much!

Excellent... I changed the order in the Java Preferences pane and now it works!

Happy programming...
14 years ago
Thanks guys!
14 years ago
Can anyone recommend any good tutorials / books for developing Java Web Services which support REST / JAX-RS?
14 years ago
Hello again,

Need assistance with setting the JDK in OS X Leopard to 1.6.

I did the following steps:

(1) cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/

(2) rm -rf CurrentJDK

(3) ln -s 1.6.0 CurrentJDK

(4) Verified the new CurrentJDK alias by doing the following:

However, when I check the version of java from the command line, I get this:

When I checked which java this is what I got:

Has anyone set the JVM / JDK in OS X Leopard to 1.6?

Happy programming...
14 years ago
Found the answer to my inquiry...

gist < http://gist.github.com > seems to be the best online place to store temporary code snippets. http://pastie.org is a close second
14 years ago
Hello again,

Is there a web site which does the following:

(1) Cut and paste source code.

(2) Specify the language type.

(3) Submit the source code and and it becomes properly syntax colored and formatted (indentations) with line numbers.

(4) Creates a URL where one can cut and paste the URL onto a blog or Twitter?

I am aware of the following sites:



Am just looking for the best ones out there!

Happy programming.
14 years ago
Okay, I got the Apache Maven 2.1.0 working as the correct one by placing $MAVEN_HOME before /usr/bin in my PATH as follows:
The thing I dislike about this approach is that the previous Maven (2.0.6) version still exists on my machine.

Prior to Maven 2.1.0, I had installed the 2.0.6 version by downloading the tar.gz (tarball) and then building Maven 2.0.6 by scratch which placed the mvn script inside my /usr/bin directory.

Is there a way to truly un-install / wipe the previous mvn (2.06) version from my system?

Many, many thanks!
14 years ago