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Recent posts by Mai Vala

can anyone help me out in this..
8 years ago

Rob Prime wrote:So folder is D:\Circle_Count\output\AP. That means that your destination files will be D:\Circle_Count\output\AP\xxx, with xxx being the files you need to copy.

Yes this is the case.........
8 years ago D:\Circle_Count\output\AP(this is the destination file path and a foder called AP is already created there) (Access is denied)
at Method)
at Count.main(

D:\Circle_Count\output\AP(this is the destination file path and a foder called AP is already created there)
But I am getting above exception
8 years ago
Thanks....I have an idea on this but my application requires to copy some files from a folder in to another folder
8 years ago

Rob Prime wrote:Do you know how to copy a single file?

no...I know how to move a file but I don't know how to copy a file
8 years ago
Hi All,

Can anyone help me out in writing java code to copy a list of files from one folder to another folder.

Thanks and Regards,
8 years ago

Seetharaman Venkatasamy wrote:only, if the method is abstract . as you said abstract class can have non-abstract method[which has the body] right?

Yes, if the method is non abstract then you have to follow the method declaration with curly braces.
Yes,abstarct claases can declare both abstract and non abstract methods.
In fact you can only declare methods in abstract classes but you can't define them in abstract classes.
format method takes date datatype as method parameter and returns String...
8 years ago

Jigar Naik wrote:String will always work because request.getParameter("") will always return String.

Yes it does work....then what is your problem.
You want to use only the Date Datatype?
There is a difference in the formats java.util.Date and java.sql.Date...
so it's better if you take it as String.....rather taking it Date datatype and converting.
8 years ago

Jigar Naik wrote:will java.sql.Date work ?

I tried java.sql.Date but its giving me the same error illegal argument exception.

i think it will try to do the below, or will it cast to java.sql.Date ?

I think if the variable is declared as String, then also it works.
I have used such varibles which are dates and I have declared them as strings.
SQL server has many formats to store dates.You have convert method in SQL Server to convert the date to any format you want.
Information on convert method is available on internet
8 years ago
my application resembels an application called SQL Maestro for MySql.
9 years ago

let me be clear with the question.
See the user just types in the table name and he doesn't know any thing about the fields in the table.I think for this we need the desc of the table and then looking at the desc he would enter data.This is purely gui based DB operations.From the front end only the user can operate on database.
9 years ago
I am designing a GUI for DB operations.I am facing a problem while inserting data.
I have retrieve all the columns from table and then depending on the type I have to give the values for the fields to insert data.
Kindly help me with any ideas.
I am using java swings in netbeans.
9 years ago