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I also did as Roel did and passed:

  • I left the supplied interface unchanged. You're in trouble if you change it.
  • I added my own methods to an extended interface.
  • I documented my reasons for adding the methods.

  • Just in case of a system failure e.g. hard drive crash, I back up my code regularly and store off-site. I use ant to zip my source code, add a timestamp to the zip file name and store off-site/external hard drive /usb stick.

    alphabetic order...........

    really big disadvantage at school if you're one of the first in the alphabet

    11 years ago
    Hi Elchin,
    I can comment on the questions that were similar to my assignment. You have design differences that I am sure are ok but a more experienced rancher should answer.

    1 I documented my error messages as well. i.e. Under what circumstances the error is displayed and the corrective action to be taken by the user.
    3 Me too.
    4 I did not touch the supplied interface. I reproduced it exactly. I explained in my choices.txt that it was a common interface so I did not alter it in any way.
    5 same here and see 1
    6 My assignment only updated the owner field. It either contained a name or spaces.


    Roberto Perillo wrote: Do you already have the SCWCD? If not, then I'd say it would be a good one for you.

    I've ordered it. Cant wait to get stuck in. I'll read it for my own interest and to chill for a while. I will decide in the new year if I go for the test.
    I dont think my wife and kids are up to me studying for a while. We were all talking java at breakfast, lunch and dinner during my assignment. They are nearly test ready

    Thanks for your support.... good luck to those getting ready to submit.
    11 years ago
    There was a problem with my download as well. However, I saved the instructions as instructions.pdf and passed.
    I documented this in my choices.txt.
    I got my pass results for my SCJD today:

    Many, many thanks to Roel and Roberto. You give your time and expertise so freely. You have spoiled us: We are now expecting all forums to reply as quickly
    and expertly as you do.

    Thanks to Denny and the Head First guys. These are great books and should be in everyones collection.

    Thanks to the Ranchers for helping me out and for the great (and interesting) posts.

    Thanks to the OCP team for being so helpful.

    Which way next?

    11 years ago
    I got my resubmission results back today and I am delighted to say that I passed.

    I took a few days off and then did a post-mortem on the assignment.
    The error was immediately obvious when I looked at the code with fresh eyes.
    My lock mechanism was not correct ,while the change that I made was small, it had a major influence on my result.

    What did I learn from this:

    1. Your lock mechanism is either 100% right or 100% wrong, there is no in between. If your lock does not work you will fail the assignment!

    2. Understand the output from the tests provided by the ranchers. Don't just think that because you have run tests that your assignment worked. Understand what it is you are looking for before you do the tests and understand the output results.

    3 "act in haste, repent at leisure". Dont be in too much of a hurry to submit and get the project out of the way. I think that you can go code blind before you submit and miss errors.
    It is worth while to step back and take a break for a few days and look at the code with a fresh outlook. Mistakes will be easier to spot.

    4. At least I know the breakdown of my marks for the other sections, so I'm happy with the outcome. (The only problem is it costs $300 for the resubmit).

    Thanks Pedro and Roel.

    When you explain it like that, its obvious. Now I understand.

    While the instructions do not ask specifically for a locking map, you must implement one for concurrency.