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Frits Walraven

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since Apr 07, 2010
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Recent posts by Frits Walraven

Congratulations !!!

Well done!

Well done, as this a certification is a tough one!
1 month ago
Congratulations, have a cow from me as well!
3 months ago
Yes, that is a real problem.

The best materials I have come across are from the notes of Mikalai Zaikin (both EE5 and EE6 notes) and you can find some stuff in the old Sun Blueprint: Designing Web Services With the J2EE 1.4 Platform . Use Google as well to find interesting stuff.
Congratulations, well done, and thanks for your preparation details and tips.     

Have a Cow!
3 months ago
You might want to check the WAS admin console if your application is deployed succesfully, typically hosted on this URL: https://localhost:9043/ibm/console
4 months ago
Welcome to the ranch!

4 months ago
Welcome to Coderanch!!

The correct version is EL version 2.2

You can find all the Java EE6 technologies here: technologies
Congratulations Victoria Li,

Your question has made it to our Journal.

Have a Cow!
4 months ago
Congratulations Philippe Ponceblanc,

Your question has made it to our Journal.

Have a Cow!
Congratulations Simon Ritchie,

Your question has made it to our Journal.

Have a Cow!
4 months ago