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Frits Walraven

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We have to click on My Profile, select message we have post, and from there to find out our own profile (about me).

I think you mean My Posts, right?

To get to your own profile, you will have to click My Profile, and then View public profile (including list of all your posts/threads)
1 month ago

This is true for application-managed persistence context, but for container-managed persistence context (section 7.6. in specification), i quote:


or in short:

Container Managed - Extended - PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED
  • Created: It exists from the point at which the stateful session bean that declares a dependency on an entity manager of type PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED is created
  • Destroyed: it is closed by the container when the @Remove method of the stateful session bean completes (or the stateful session bean instance is otherwise destroyed).

  • Application-managed - Extended - Persistence Contexts
  • Created: the extended persistence context exists from the point at which the entity manager has been created using EntityManagerFactory.createEntityManager
  • Destroyed: the entity manager is closed by means of EntityManager.close.
  • Welcome Hanumant Deshmukh!

    Nice to see you here 

    Have a great promotion week 

    I sent an email to moosesaloon@ about it yesterday and am still waiting for a reply. Finally, I registered afresh with a slight change in the name.

    Some senior staff member will look into this.
    the link to the book is on that page....
    2 months ago
    Congratulations !!
    2 months ago
    I did the certification recently and I can tell you that it is still relevant. The exam is about JPA 2.0 and that is still what we use in my company.

    Apart from that, if you do the EE6 certification (JPA 2.0), it will be easy to learn JPA 2.x (where x > 0) because most of the specs remain the same.
    Congratulations !!!

    Well done!

    Well done, as this a certification is a tough one!
    4 months ago