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All mentioned certifications are now officially retired.

Congratulations, well deserved.... have a couple of Cows!
2 months ago

You didn't give up and that deserves a Cow!
2 months ago
So, what happens if you go to the following URL in a browser when Tomcat is running?

2 months ago

C:\Program Files\Java\apache-tomcat-9.0.14\webapps\MyServletA  

I thought you had named your war file HelloWorld.war, so it seems it isn't.... You called it MyServletA.war? This is important because it will determine your contex-root (e.g. starting URL of your web-application)

The URL servlet-mapping in the web.xml will tell the mapping
points to your MyServletA servlet.

In other words, if your war file is called MyServletA.war, then you need the following action: (notice the capital A, I didn't see that in your code)

<form method="GET" action="/MyServletA/hello">type some text: <input <br /> type="text" name="any" />

2 months ago
Did you change the link in your HTML file to something simular to the tutorial?

<form method="GET" action="/HelloWorld/hello">
type some text: <input type="text" name="any" />

<input type="submit">

2 months ago
The link in the HTML file is incorrect, you can't point to a file.

If you check the tutorial again it should be something like:


if your war file is called HelloWorld.war this URL should work from any browser.
2 months ago

How do I post the contents of the .war file  

Sorry, I meant the structure of your war file (like in the small tutorial)

What is the exact URL you are using again?
2 months ago
Please post your html file, your web.xml file, and the contents of your war file.
2 months ago
Try this:

  • open a cmd window from the tomcat directory (the dir where startup.bat is)
  • run startup.bat

  • 2 months ago
    You don't need the CLASSPATH, you do need to update the PATH variable.
    2 months ago
    ok, the CLASSPATH is wrong.

    Update your PATH from a cmd window like this:
    2 months ago
    what does java -version in a cmd window give you as a result?

    You don't need JRE_HOME.

    CATALINA_HOME is tomcat's home directory.
    2 months ago
    You might want to look at this small tutorial, it is old but still usable: HowToCreateWebApplicationWithoutAnIDE
    2 months ago