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The problem is with the last enum value, that should end with a semicolon
1 month ago
Congratulations and welcome      
2 months ago

T h e . C o d e R a n c h . J o u r n a l  -  F e b r u a r y . 2 0 2 0 . E d i t i o n

A big howdy from all the CodeRanch staff, and welcome to the February edition of the CodeRanch Journal.

I n t e r e s t i n g . C o d e R a n c h . F o r u m . P o s t s
Here's some threads from this month that are worth giving a read:
  • Regex to parse simple fixed-format JSON
  • Question on Lower bounds
  • Help with Junit
  • pre-mature optimization: histogram
  • I want to ask why java doesn't support multiple inheritance
  • Avoid certification

  • Thanks to Kristina Hansen, Swapna latha, Prasanna Raman, Carey Brown, vibha Gupta and osko adamov for starting these topics and everyone else that joined in for the discussions.

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    Upcoming promotions in March:
  • Practices of the Python Pro
  •       Dane Hillard
          This book teaches you to design and write professional-quality
          software that’s understandable, maintainable, and extensible. Dane
          Hillard is a Python pro who has helped many dozens of developers
          make this step, and he knows what it takes. With helpful examples
          and exercises, he teaches you when, why, and how to modularize
          your code, how to improve quality by reducing complexity, and much
          more. Embrace these core principles, and your code will become
          easier for you and others to read, maintain, and reuse.

  • Deep Learning with JavaScript: Neural networks in TensorFlow.js
  •       Shanqing Cai, Stan Bileschi and Eric Nielsen
          With this book, you’ll learn to use TensorFlow.js to build deep
          learning models that run directly in the browser. This fast-paced
          book, written by Google engineers, is practical, engaging, and
          easy to follow. Through diverse examples featuring text analysis,
          speech processing, image recognition, and self-learning game AI,
          you’ll master all the basics of deep learning and explore advanced
          concepts, like retraining existing models for transfer learning
          and image generation.

  • Seriously Good Software
  •       Marco Faella
          Seriously Good Software takes you on a journey through software
          development best practices as you develop a simple inefficient
          implementation into a robust, professional-quality application.
          The deceptively-simple problem—balancing water levels in multiple
          connected containers—presents some interesting complexities as you
          optimize the code for speed, efficiency, and durability. Author
          Marco Faella’s passion for teaching shines bright as you learn to
          assess performance and write thread-safe code that’s easily
          readable, testable, and maintainable. Along the way, you’ll gain a
          keen sense of the trade-offs inherent to every programming task,
          no matter how simple.

  • TypeScript Quickly
  •       Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev
          The book teaches you to exploit the benefits of types in
          browser-based and standalone applications. In this practical
          guide, you’ll build a fascinating blockchain service app that
          takes you through a range of type-sensitive programming
          techniques. As you go, you’ll also pick up valuable techniques for
          object-oriented programming with classes, interfaces, and advanced
          features such as decorators and conditional types.

  • Mastering Large Datasets with Python
  •        J. T. Wolohan
          Mastering Large Datasets with Python teaches you to write code
          that can handle datasets of any size. You’ll start with
          laptop-sized datasets that teach you to parallelize data analysis
          by breaking large tasks into smaller ones that can run
          simultaneously. You’ll then scale those same programs to
          industrial-sized datasets on a cluster of cloud servers. With the
          map and reduce paradigm firmly in place, you’ll explore tools like
          Hadoop and PySpark to efficiently process massive distributed
          datasets, speed up decision-making with machine learning, and
          simplify your data storage with AWS S3.

  • Hello World!
  •       Warren and Carter Sande
          Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners,
          Third Edition introduces the world of computer programming in a
          clear and fun style. Using Python, a programming language designed
          to be easy to learn, each engaging lesson teaches skills that
          apply to any kind of programming. It brings to life the basic
          concepts of computing—looping, decisions, input and output,
          graphics, and more.

    This month's book promotion winners:
  • Docker in Action
  •       Winners: Ron McLeod, paul nisset, Will Myers and Tim Holloway
  • Secure By Design
  •       Winners: Campbell Ritchie, paul nisset, Vidya Nara and Jon Pelipas
  • GANs in Action
  •       Winners: navin rajpandey, Luis Trindade, Yury Nebieridze and Mike Savvy
  • WebAssembly in Action
  •       Winners: Campbell Ritchie, Bear Bibeault, satya Priya Sundar and Mike Savvy
  • Machine Learning for Business: Using Amazon SageMaker and Jupyter
  •       Winners: Gibran Castillo, Michael Ernest, meenakshi sundar and Harland Scott
  • Object Design Style Guide
  •       Winners: Knute Snortum, Mike Gosling, Mike Savvy and Campbell Ritchie

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    Ron McLeod has been a member of CodeRanch since 2013 and a Moderator since 2015.
    2 months ago
    Welcome Jeanne & Scott  

    Enjoy your book promotion week!
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    6 months ago
    I am sorry about that, can you post the information here so that I can put it there for you?

    Piet Souris wrote:@Frits
    in your code snippet you changed OP's 'notify' to 'notifyAll'. You didn't mention it, that change is essential to make the code run, otherwise it is very likely to block. That becomes more apparent if you do: Producer2 p1 = new Producer2(c, 11 - i);

    You are right!

    @Mark: Can you explain why it is essential to use notifyAll?
    6 months ago
    Hi Mark,

    Great that you solved your problem, but you were actually almost there with your first implementation.

    1. When you call wait you tell the thread to wait but with my current understanding the thread can only be "awoken" by assigning it an object to listen to, often called a lock.

    Yes, but instance methods are synchronized over the instance of the class owning the method. So in your first example the CubbyHole was used as the object to lock on. Note also that you instantiated one CubbyHole object.

    Slightly changing your first implementation:

    results in:


    6 months ago

    Second question: I found (practically) that the following mapping:

    I can only answer your question from the specs (just looking at JPA 2.0 section 2.4.1)

    The correct mapping is is the one where you explicitly tell the JPA provider that the "masterKey" attribute of the OrderDetailKey contains the mapping to the OrderMaster. (you can leave out the "masterKey" attribute from the annotation @MapsId("masterKey") when the composite key of the OrderDetail and OrderMaster are the same, but the @MapsId should be there.)

    When using the @MapsId annotation, the specs state that:

    The embedded id attributes that correspond to the relationship are treated by the provider as “read only”—that is, any updates to them on the part of the application are not propagated to the database.

    That the mapping without the @MapsId works can be luck or can be a non-spec-related feature of the JPA implementation you are using. (it might not be portable to another JPA implementation)
    Hi Hanumant,

    Welcome to the ranch (again) and enjoy your promotion week!
    8 months ago
    Congratulations guys, well deserved  
    9 months ago