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Recent posts by vaibhav teli

Hi Nam Ha Min,

I am interested in taking this up. Could you please send me the details on too.

9 years ago
thank you everyone for your wishes..
@ausan: in each of all the practice papers i did i scored only in the mid 70s.. and touched 80 a couple of times.. turns out the real exam is comparatively simple or maybe i just got lucky with a few easy ones.. lol
heyy btw.. can someone tell me how i can get an ocpjp tag under my name here on javaranch.. i searched a lot but never got it..
11 years ago
clearing this exam has given me the craziest of highs! prepared for over 4 months.. wrote tonnes of practice papers.. in the end it all paid off!
11 years ago

Harikrishna Gorrepati wrote:Matching the case after default is not there. Based on your comments, what I understand is, First it will try to match all cases before and after default. If it cannot find match, then default will be executed. Please let me know if my understanding is correct

Abimaran Kugathasan wrote:It first check whether any 'case's match and, if any thing don't match, then only, the 'case' will be default. You clear it with the K&B's book!

you nailed it!
i tried looking for the method String.valueOf() in K&B but didnt find it.. im guessin its been ommitted for scjp 6.. but even i did not understand the explanation that was provided related to the null null result.. could someone please elaborate..
thanks in advance..
im guessin using the ClassName.ref format for a static reference in this case Alpha.b1 would clarify things more clearly..