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Recent posts by Nikhil Wanpal

See if this example explains it any better:

...and in your post above you probably have missed the first '{' before "jobs".
As per the code you have written here, you have not parsed the json data obtained into a javascript object, and so "[i]" will have no meaning as yet. Check my response to you previous post:
You can try this, just to check: var myJSObj = eval(data); and then loop over the new object and alert the values.
You can 'eval()' the object into a javascript object, but it is not recommended for security concerns, use a JSON parser instead.. For Javascript, you can use the parser by Douglas Crockford himself.. For a tutorial refer to the, here:
there are many differences in how firefox and IE interprete css. Many people tend to use firefox when building because of the simplicity facilitated by firebug!! (). But you need to be careful as many of properties supported by firefox are not supported by IE, or either not presented the same way as firefox..

Well, for css reset, check these out-
better google for it-

Ravi Kiran Va wrote: cityName:document.getElementById('cityName').value

I dont think you can create new params to send data to server. You can use your keys but that is inside the 'data' as a url string or in JSON.
like data: {key:value},

check this out:

satheesh subramani wrote:i don't know how to use the oracle contents in javascript or ajax

I think your question is more about how to make an oracle/sql query from javascript. I doubt that one can actually do that, As far as I know you will need to do something on the server side to call that.. like, JAVA to fetch the records from the database.

Once you get them, you can pass them as is to the client side and wrap into a table-row code and add to the existing table, or as suggested by Charles can also pass the formed string from the server and append to the table.
Hi all,
I need to invoke an applet using an hta file.. Its works fine if I change the file to html.. But I need it to be an hta.. Can we invoke applets from hta files? How?
12 years ago
Help guys...
I am not being able to trace it... Please suggest something..
Thanks Jaikiran..

12 years ago
I recently joined the forum and was completely astonished by the simplicity with which the registration agreement terms are put forth!
Just two words, simple yet explain everything!
I really felt like writing a testimonial!!
12 years ago
Hi all,
This is regarding jxl. I am while writing to the file I am creating a data-validation list for a column, to ease the user inputs to the excel sheet.. But the drop down for the data-validation gets displayed at the location 0,0. Even if it is not set to be there.. the cell features of that cell are perfectly fine, tried to read such excel back, but it dint have a data validation list..
Also, I executed my code in debug mode, found out that this drop down gets displayed only after the 2nd row with data-validation being added to the sheet.. for the first row, it is not there...
The weirdest part is, this drop down, when clicked, does not show the list.. but if select a cell with the data-validation list, and then click the drop down arrow in the 0,0 cell, it opens the list! changing the values there changes the value in the selected cell..!!

Anybody having any idea why this could be happening..? has it got anything to do with me using office07 to open that file..?

Please advice...