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Recent posts by Alberto Requena

--Currently, for authentication, I am making a authenticate call from my Intercepting filter to a AuthHelper class which then calls LDAP to authenticate. Do you think it is a --good idea to call LDAP directly from a Filter, or is it a better pattern to delegate this to a business service.

From my point of view, I'd rather declarative security, both on presentation tier and business tier, with the security domain stored in LDAP i.e.. Due to is part of server's set ups, I would show on deployment diagram rather than on component's one.

Do you agree with this proposal? Should I show LDAP on component diagram as well?

Thanks in advanceĀ”
Hi All:

I have an important question concerning relationship between Request and different part components.

I've used generalization in order to provide extension for future new parts. Taking into account this approach, I've made a relationship between Standard Component (generalized class) and request instead of with brake pads, suspension and so on.
From my point of view, is correct even thought is not linked requests with different part component directly just like DM does.

Any advice of this approach?

Let me know whether I'm breaking rules of this forum...
Hi all,

I was wondering whether SCEA is prestigious and well-known in Europe, cause I was searching jobs in several websites by scea as the key word and i got less result as i expected. Just one in belgium, another one in france and so on...

I'm preparing for the exam, first part. Eventhought adding a new line on my CV is not my first goal, i feel curiorous if this exam could help me to overcome an interview for a qualified job position. Everyone know that managers and directors usually have no idea about what SCEA stand for...

I'd like to read your feebacks about that. I'm aware that here there are very experience it workers.