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Recent posts by borj bersas

i just sold my simple application software written in java and i use third party software to wrap my class files,
you can use jar2exe to hide your source code and provide an executable file for your main class

edit: P.S. its only for windows ^^
10 years ago
well it seems i have to start the hard coding, by the way, how can i use the
BorderLayout and BorderLayout.Center?
10 years ago
yes i am using the netbeans gui builder,
but why is that the man in the tutorial was using netbeans gui builder too
and find no error output?

that means he also use GroupLayout right?
10 years ago
hi guys,
i followed every step in this tutorial part 1 part 2 but the output was not good,
even though i don't understand his language i followed what he did.

here is the output:

notice the gap between the picture and the right side of the panel?

here is my code(

and this is my jframe gui code:

can anyone correct my error? ^^
10 years ago
how to add list of items here?
and how to use it?
10 years ago

Michael Dunn wrote:do you mean you want to add your comboBox to the netbeans palette (is that what it's called),
then be able to drag/drop it like a normal comboBox.

if so, you're better off in an IDE forum

no its not like that, i just want to use its function on my JCombobox
10 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:If you want the code to use your AutoComplexCombo class, why is it instantiating a standard JComboBox instead?

i just found the code here webpage

and i dont know how to use it, i tried cpoy-paste it in my class but it wont run because it has no main
10 years ago
hi guys, how can I use a class in JCombobox?


i have a class that creats an autocomplete for jcombobox
and i want it to use in my jcombobox that i added in other JFrame using drag and drop,
these Jframe and the autocomplete/history class are on the same package.

here is the autocomplete class code:

and here is my drag and drop code with JCombobox:

how can i use the class to make the JCombobox autocomplete?
and how can i call the strings of my array?
10 years ago

pete stein wrote:
Rob was right, you're probably looking in the wrong place for the image. What if you do this instead:

it worked ^_^ hehe. tnx
10 years ago

Rob Camick wrote:

You can add buttons, table, etc. to a JLabel as well. Just set the layout manager you want to use.

how do I do that? I'm just starting in java programming hehe

can you make a running code for that so I can copy-paste it in java empty class? tnx in advance

10 years ago
I did put these: super.paintComponent(g); at the first line as you said but still i cant see the image
10 years ago
where should I put these: super.paintComponent(g);
10 years ago

You're not showing us your code.

Here is my code:
10 years ago