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Recent posts by Gopi Chella

Here is the code i have written, just i am reading content from one file(inputFile) and substitute couple of string then write it into another file(outputFile).

i am not sure whats going wrong in the below code, because as soon as i execute the above method then i am not able to read the updated file(outputFile). I am receiving empty string.

Additional observation, however after update the file if i open the file manually then i am able to read the file programmaticaly. Need help and advice where i am making mistake.

7 years ago

Can anyone guide me how to get maven dependancy for PigUnit, have anyone created PigUnit.jar ?

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks, Gopi
8 years ago
To avoid confusion better to have name for a thread.

Thread t = new Thread(new Fabric(),"Thread-1");
Thread t2 = new Thread(new Fabric(),"Thread-2");

For a JVM to be able to deserialize an object, it must be able to find the bytecode for the class. If the JVM can't find a class during the deserialization of an object, it throws a ClassNotFoundException.

Is that above statement is true ? if so, if i write the state of an object into a file then if i try to deserialize the same on some other system( ex: Home destktop to office Laptop) then what will happen ?

should i have the classfile of the object on remote system(here Office Laptop) which i am going to deserialize ? bit confusing
8 years ago
try this it will work perfectly and you dont need to give physical path.

BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(YourClassName.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(fileName)));
8 years ago
Welcome to JavaRanch !!!

You are getting this maven build error because maven not able to get the jar files from repository, check your dependency details if those are correct then check your central repository url.

you should have central repository under repositories tag in pom.xml


in case if the missing items(as per your logs) are doesn't have dependency then you should add snapshot in your pom.xml and also you need to add those snapshot into local repository.

you can add those into your local repository by check out those components and run locally.
8 years ago
As Rob told you can use BufferedInputStreem to read huge size file, if you search google you can get large number of example on this. However i can suggest you read large files using perl which will be faster than java.
8 years ago
Otherwise you can validate that xml against a XSD.
8 years ago
Instead of placing the jar file in the system path you can check out that particular Xlogger maven context from SVN or CVS and do clean install(skip tests) on your local, by doing this you will get the XLogger.jar in your local repository.
8 years ago
Apart functional testing what are all the different kind of testing we can do for Java API(particularly for disted packages(jar files), here Exclude Java Web services).

how can we do performance testing for Disted packages ? if so which is the best tool to do that ?

Thanks in advance.
8 years ago

Thanks for your reply, however my question is different.
For example you have three data provider methods like below

the above are three seperate data provider method and my requirement is i want to use all the three data provider in my Test method like below,

9 years ago
In TestNG i am using Data provider to test my testXSLExtractor method with large number of data(Data driven testing), here how can i have more than one data provider to my test method(testXSLExtractor)? is it possible with TestNG ?

something like this dataProvider = "UrlProvider1,UrlProvider2,UrlProvider3"(i tried this way but no luck).

9 years ago