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Recent posts by Emmanuel Aron

Thank you all.
This is really a great website , with a great quality of intervenants in the forums.
12 years ago

I obtained OCPJP (java se 6) tuesday with 68 %.Probably one of the lowest score on this website lol.
I studied and spend a lot of time with the K&B book.

12 years ago
Everything is not clear for me..The IDE tells me to complete the main() method with a try/catch block or a throws, but it doesn't say anything for the super-class.
Is it because

calls the method with a reference on the super-class?
Thank you for the answer , but are you sure that '"throw new ExcetionName" is run time exception' , i have a serious doubt about it.
What do you mean with that?

I am reading the K&B book (chapter 5), and i have doubts about the concept of "programmatic Exceptions".
If i look at the diagram that distinguish exceptions thrown by the JVM and those thrown "programmatically" i can see that all these exceptions are runtime exceptions or errors

I have 2 questions:
- "programmatic Exceptions" are always runtime exceptions or Error ?
-Do they have differences with the syntax (throws , throw ,catch.....)?
It is "long 'widens' to float" and not "Long 'widens' to Float"....

There is something that i don't understand.

When you write : Integer.valueOf(1); or System.out.println( Integer.valueOf(1) ); you don't have a compilation error, but when you look at the API of Integer.valueOf you see that it takes only a String as the argument...
I have seen it before, but i was really not sure about the answer.
It is quite nice! (and tricky)
i realized that 1 = 0*2 + 1.
It is the reason.Thank you.

I don't understand this one:

and the result:

one divided by 2: 0
one modulo 2: 1

Why 1%2 gives 1?
(1/2 = 0.5 > then 0 when it is an int , no? )
So, when you have finished to answer to the questions in the center , someone send you a letter with the answers or something?
is correction available in the real exam?
Another question:
is correction available in the real exam?

According to this link
tomcat link

i need to add a line to the config.sys file, i use Vista so i edit c:/windows/system32/config.nt with notepad and when i try to add :
i can't save the file!

Message with notepad++:
"Please check whether if this file is opened in another program."
with notepad:
"unable to create the file.Check the name and path."

Note: If you work under Windows, you may get an Out of space environment error when you try to start Tomcat. There are two ways to fix this: either change the initial memory setting of the DOS window to a value greater than 3200 OR edit the config.sys file and add the following line: SHELL=c:\PATHTO\command.com /E:4096 /P.

Or where can i go to change the setting of the DOS window?
13 years ago