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Recent posts by Imran Akbar

Hi Ranch,

I'm new to MQ FTE, I want to send a file thru java code to MQ Server and read it from another end.

Previously i have achieved by writing the File content into the MQ and message id as File Name, but i think its not the right way, Please let me know or any Link where i can get the details to Send a File thru MQ.

Thanks in Advance.

12 years ago

Hi Eric,

Its giving me the same error after declaring,

I'm Calling an ActiveX(OCX) from Javascript, which is working fine, there is a method in OCX which has no return type instead the return values are get passed in Out Parameters, below is the Method Signature:

here StatusVal and StatusStr are OUT Params, when i print the both values it throws me undefined.

Even i tried like below, but still the output is same

Looking out for your assistance.

Thanks in advance.
Its a client side Proxy.

I appended the code

and i was able to fetch the IP of the client local machine behind proxy.

13 years ago
Hi Ranch,

we have a requirement to fetch IP address of client machine and display it on the user page, for that i used a JSP page which does like below :

This works fine, when the system is connected directly to internet, but when its connected thru a Proxy server we receive only its proxy server IP address instead of the Client Local IP.

Is there any way we can retrieve the Client IP running behind proxy?

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
Its been a week long trying to achieve the solution, but it failed with several attempts, so i have to back here for a solution from Ranch,

So what i did is created a .NET web service which reads a XML file and return it as a dataset on a helloworld method

here is the WSDL

Here is a response for the HelloWorld method

there is schema generated on run-time, now i have the schema, i need to append the schema into WSDL so when wsimport parse it, it can generate classes with that schema.

so what i did was appended the schema on WSDL like below for the response

i was able to generate classes, but when i run the program it seems the values are not able to bind on the prescribed object, it returns a null pointer exception, on a Soap logging i can see the response was returned successfully but the client was not able to parse it.

all the links for the issues are finished up with no solution

I am sitting with this issue for past 15 days with no solution , Anyone have dealt the above scenario leave a comment.

Thanks in advance
13 years ago
Thanks for your suggestion Ivan,

If you select the option which includes modifying the WSDL, then what I would try is to create a XML schema that describes the format of the expected data and use that in the WSDL, instead of the any type. I'll give it a try later, if I have some time to spare.
Best wishes!

i will try the above approach, and it would be the easier one, once i get the solution i will post it here.

13 years ago

Hi Iqbal.

Does your browser set up with proxy ? Then even your client application needs to set up a proxy.

13 years ago

Yes, its not a good idea to edit WSDL. as it was given on a forum and my curiosity forced to do that.

from the API document provided, the list will be like below, this is the output which i'm expecting

i'm referring below links it has something related to my problem.

Link 1


Link 3
13 years ago
Thnx Krizsan,

i have the following on WSDL, on a method Response "EFT_Client_Result"

with the above i was not able to generate stubs using net beans, so i removed below lines

and appended

i'm not pretty sure the way i did is right, but i was able to generate stubs after changing the WSDL.

as the response element has no schema defined, it has been treated as object.

please let me know do i ask for the Schema for the Response method and bind them with JAXB


13 years ago

I am developing a client in java for a web service developed on .NET. i am calling a method on the web service which returns a .NET data set, on java it shows the data set returned as a list of Objects.

i used netbeans with METRO 2.0 as stack for generating the client stubs.

any idea, suggestions on how to handle the above will greatly help.

Thanks in advance!

13 years ago

chetan dhumane wrote:

OutofMemory Exception

How it is ?

13 years ago

Peter Rooke wrote:Database

13 years ago