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Kaustubh G Sharma

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Recent posts by Kaustubh G Sharma

Got it.. its an extra jar file in lib folder which is loading while bwengine starts. I removed it and starts working fine
4 years ago
Hello Guys,

We are using bitubucket as our new repository and maven build tool. Now after forking test code and cloning it. When I run 'mvn clean install', I am getting below error. Funny thing is Its happening only with my system(I compare my system properties with there's ). I tried it on google and perform all possible option but it didn't work. Need help guys meanwhile I am trying to find solution for same. If i did will share with you

4 years ago
Now getting this

5 years ago
paul I tried both options not sure what's wrong with the network. I raise the issue with out network team but even they're not able to figure it out. this is what they say 'We had a look the error is coming from the application have you configured it to use the proxy ?'
5 years ago
I removed proxy but still getting below error..

5 years ago
In jasper Ireport you can push images using url for that you need to make changes in image property. To generate report at run time it takes this url as a parameter and map it with image placeholder and finally exhibit image in report.

But in company network when I pass this url I am getting ‘loading byte data error’ and tested same thing successfully in other network.


5 years ago
Necessity is the mother of invention.. :P
5 years ago
I think its a good idea for the people who doesn't have pet because they have fear of loosing them and what will they do of it, when they're going out..?
5 years ago
Hi in jasper report to generate report I am using ByteOutputStream by importing jar-> import com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.util.ByteOutputStream; and using below code for same, but for some reasons I am not able to use this jar, please suggest me equivalent alternative for same. Thanks

5 years ago
Thanks Ulf, Unfortunately in our project we're using old java and I don't think they will upgrade the version for it. Is there any other way than this??
5 years ago
Hello please suggest BASE64Encoder other than sun.misc.BASE64Encoder in string format. Thanks
5 years ago
Thanks Jeanne, you're the best
5 years ago
I wanted to initiate my career on global so for same I travel for south africa where I been before, I pick south africa as my destination because I was having the idea about the country and people also my budget only allow me to seek job in SA which is less expensive to any north american European or australia and it is very hard to get work permit or permanent resident for these places.

The work permit that I've got for SA only allow me to seek an employment in 90 days, after 25 days I've got an offer to work for an insurance company based in johannesburg and technology is tibco bw tool development.
Previously I was working with similar tool call ciboodle, and last few months I am working in old java frameworks like play.

Now in the market they wanted someone who is having experience on spring jpa ejb jsf jquery webservices application server like websphere or weblogic etc etc. and they don't entertain you unless you know this stuff. (Only have basic knowledge about this thing and I can not lie to have a experience on same )

My question are: is it good to take this opportunity for now as time in one of the factor and later try to seek opportunity in these new technologies

what is the demand of tibco developer in the market.

should I wait for better opportunity against time contrasts and improve my skill set as required in the market?

I've potential to learn new technology and perform in it but sometimes luck is played a big factor, last 25 days I've only contacted with recruitment contractors and they're not able to organised any interview for me

I am SCJP certified, what certification should I do which makes my cv better.

As per my experience on this job I've been paying a little under salary, compare to my friend who's a business analyst having same experience but, some how in demand now, getting quite better than me.

Please advice, Thanks

5 years ago