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Jobs In UK Site Launched

Jobs Dugg is a new job site for that has been launched recently. The Internet has simplified almost every aspect of people’s lives. Job hunting is no exception. The site has made the otherwise daunting task of job search very easy and has taken career hunting on the Internet to a new level. The site has specially been designed for those job seekers who are looking for job vacancies and employment opportunities in the United Kingdom.
Jobs Dugg allows the users to search jobs on the basis of their preferred location. For example, London is often the first choice for most of the job seekers. In that case, the user can simply visit the category section of the website and click on London jobs. There are several subcategories as well, such as west London jobs, north London jobs, and central London jobs. This way, it is very easy to narrow down the searches and find jobs in a very specific location in the United Kingdom. Other categories that are currently available on this Jobs in UK site include Staffordshire Jobs, Bedfordshire Jobs, Armagh Jobs, Antrim Jobs, Angus Jobs, and Aberdeenshire Jobs. Jobs Dugg is frequently adding new categories on a daily basis. The database on the site is growing fast, which means an easy access for job seekers to a significantly much larger number of career opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Unlike other job sites, Jobs Dugg does not require the users to go through complicated and time-consuming registration process. Anybody can visit this site and start exploring the job opportunities there without any fuss. Those who want to get daily updates on the new job vacancies in different parts of the United Kingdom can simply enter their e-mail address and the updates will be sent to their e-mail Ids.

This Jobs in UK site also provides a search box that further simplifies the task of job hunting. The job seeker just has to enter certain keywords related to the type of jobs he or she is looking for and where. There are currently over 2,500 job vacancies, and the number is still growing. Besides these career opportunities, there are hundreds of sponsored jobs. Considering all these factors, it should not be an exaggeration to say that Jobs Dugg is fast emerging as a new haven for job seekers.

Whether a person lives in the United Kingdom or in any part of the world, if he or she is looking for some of the best employment opportunities in London, Staffordshire, Bedfordshire, Armagh, Antrim, Angus, Aberdeenshire, or any other parts of the United Kingdom, the Jobs in UK site should be a wonderful online resource. It requires the users to provide an e-mail id, and they can start getting job updates in their inbox.

For more information about please visit the given link.
11 years ago
Web designer Jobs in Yantram BPO Services Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Yantram BPO offers outsourcing solutions to the Industry by combining our strengths in business processes with our deep-rooted consulting expertise. We act as trusted advisors to our clients in their endeavor to find the right operating model to leverage the offshore-based Business Process Outsourcing advantage. Companies who can truly exploit this model can turn BPO into a strategic competitive advantage.

With over 8 years of experience to successfully serve the industry giants in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, Spain, France with our top & best BPO Services like Brand Promotion, Data Entry, Financial Accounting Services, Engineering Design Services, Customer Care Services, Website Design, Software Development, E-Marketing with Speed, Accuracy and Reliability. By our excellent Offshore BPO Outsourcing Services you can in the end save up to 60% of overall cost.

Yantram is having following job available:

Job Title : Web designer

Experience : 1-3 years


Develop, implement & maintain secure web based interfaces. Develop & maintain a dynamic & extensible web enterprise which is Consistent in design, quality and performance. Designs mailers, websites, and other online media jobs.

You may view all jobs available in Yantram BPO at:

Benefits of Yantram Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company

Productivity Improvements
Access to expertise
Operational cost control
Improved accountability
Opportunity to focus on core business
We are located in Ahmedabad,

One of the fastest growing industrial cities in Western India with a population base of 4.4 million.
Conveniently located 500 km north of Mumbai with an excellent air, rail and road connectivity.
The city offers a huge pool of talented commerce graduates ideally suited for BPO operations.
The city houses world class institutes like IIM-A, PRL, ISRO, MICA, NID, EDI to name a few. With direct flight connections from New York, Chicago and London,
Ahmedabad is an ideal BPO India destination for companies looking to outsource from India.
From the desk of:
11 years ago
Sr. Programmer / Programmer – PHP Jobs in Promatics Technologies in Ludhiana India

Promatics market vision is converged services — creating processes that deliver business services that are simple, secure and coherent; personal and portable. Promatics offers end-to-end software services and solutions across verticals and platforms through its GLO-CAL engagement model providing 24*7 services and support. With its offerings across verticals and platforms Promatics is geared-up to best meet the needs of its customers and help them shape a performance-driven organization. Our prime focus has been to help our customers realize high returns on their investment from outsourcing their IT. Promatics has had extensive and exhaustive experience in managing software applications right from the simplest ones to mission critical enterprise wide applications. We provide solutions that give absolute tangible benefits to our customers leading to tangible gains in their business. Our client references, history of client retention substantiate the quality of consulting and services delivered and the ability to cater to complex needs of enterprise customers.

Following job is available at Promatics:

Sr. Programmer / Programmer – PHP

* 2 +/ 1 + years of experience in PHP – MySQL
* Strong in OOPS & MVC
* Working exp in Open Source , API & Web Services
You may view all jobs available Promatics Technologies at:

Since we give our employees, a chance to live their dream, we seek people with striking innovative ideas, passionate to work hard and leadership qualities to meet challenges and build healthier relationships in their environment.

To apply for this job you may upload your cv at:

promatics . in /cv. html
From the desk of:
11 years ago
Customer Service Representative Construction Jobs in Gulf

The Hilti Group is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing added-value, top-quality products for professional customers in the construction industry and building maintenance. Our product range covers drilling and demolition, direct fastening, diamond and anchoring systems, firestop and foam systems, installation, positioning and screw fastening systems as well as cutting and sanding systems. We are committed to excellence in innovation, total quality, direct customer relationships and effective marketing.

The Hilti Group is having following construction job available:

People Strategy:

The name says it all: the People Strategy is for people - for everyone in Hilti

The People Strategy includes nine specific human and team-related value statements (Guiding Principles), derived from the corporate values in our mission statement and our strategy, the Champion 3C strategy.

These so called Guiding Principles focus on the most immediate topic: developing our people - including the team leaders who help us to take personal responsibility and inspire us with the passion to develop ourselves. Building on these Guiding Principles, the People Strategy defines five key areas for global and local action: developing people; developing leadership; recruiting new colleagues; training; and remuneration.

Hilti values state that we should all continue to grow. This means that, for instance, annual counseling discussions should always aim for further personal development. We base the development on Knowledge, Skills, Competencies and Values. This approach allows to consider and manage also specific soft factors such as behavioral aspects (Competencies). This is all part of the clear direction given by the People Strategy and its nine Guiding Principles.

From the desk of:
11 years ago
Business Analyst Risk Management Job Calypso Technology London UK

Calypso Technology London is providing today’s heroes with the tools they need for a successful journey

The name Calypso was taken from the name of a goddess in ancient Greek mythology as told in Homer's Odyssey.

After a victorious campaign during the Trojan wars, the hero Odysseus became shipwrecked en route home. Odysseus was rescued from certain doom by the goddess Calypso, the daughter of Atlas, who fell in love with Odysseus and nursed him back to health. Calypso offered Odysseus immortality and ageless youth if he stayed with her. But Odysseus longed for home and his wife Penelope. He asked that Calypso let him continue his journey. She did not want to see him go, but so strong was Calypso's love for Odysseus that she provided him with the tools to build a boat and food to sustain him. To ensure a safe voyage, Calypso created a constant breeze to carry Odysseus safely home.

Calypso Technology having following Business Analyst Risk Management job available in London:

You have been searching for a firm that can give you opportunities for career growth and development, a firm that fosters a diverse, innovative, and entrepreneurial culture, and a firm that embraces the challenges of the global financial markets head on. These market challenges are met with the passion and creativity that has guided Calypso to be the leading trading and risk management solution provider in the capital markets industry. That firm is Calypso Technology.

If you are looking to build a rewarding career where ethics are valued, diversity is respected, innovation is encouraged, and every employee is integral to the success of being an industry leader, there is no better place than Calypso. We encourage you to join us on the journey to write the next chapter!

From the desk of:
11 years ago
Multiple Jobs Available in Everonn Education Ltd Chennai Tamil Nadu India

One of the leading educational companies in India, Everonn is listed in both the NSE and BSE. With a firm belief that technology-enabled learning can truly nullify social and economic boundaries, Everonn’s achievements have helped millions of students achieve their dreams. From its pioneering VSAT-enabled virtual and interactive classrooms to its emphasis on offering only the highest-quality content to students, Everonn’s quest for excellence has enabled the company to repeatedly break new grounds in the Indian education industry. Everonn’s commitment to a better standard of education is the guiding principle behind all its activities, from making Pre-school toddlers school ready to enhancing the employability of college students and providing the best entrance exam guidance in the nation.

Everonn’s diverse operations are testament to the company’s firm focus and dedication. From offering the next-generation in school education throgh Internet and VSAT to providing content on the move via mobile phones, Everonn is on a constant look out for the next technological revolution in education. Be it elementary knowledge or the latest in animation and gaming, Everonn is the one-stop destination for educational excellence. A parallel focus on formal learning has also enabled the company to continue raising the bar in the Indian education scenario.

Everonn Education Ltd having following jobs available:

Everonn is a pioneer in using technological breakthroughs to make quality education a reality even in the most remote parts of the country, Everonn is on a continuous quest for the next technological revolution in learning. Everonn’s passion for enabling cutting-edge education delivery has seen us grow dramatically in the past two decades. As the timeline below shows, Everonn has been a leader in transforming education in India since inception and will continue as a forerunner in the field for decades to come.

From the desk of:
11 years ago
Hardware Technician Jobs Intelligent Brains (IBrains) Karachi Pakistan

Intelligent Brains established in 1996, with the span of time emerged as one of the leading company by providing service and IT related products directly to the corporations and companies in Karachi - Pakistan.

INTELLIGENT BRAINS - THE COMPUTER COMPANY was initially established after many months of efforts, debate and learning in the year 1997 amongst the two founding brothers. It born out of desire with an outstanding personality to face all the difficulties and providing solution of all Computer needs.

INTELLIGENT BRAINS gained success quickly by providing a full line of high quality, custom-engineered computer systems directly to end-users. Today, INTELLIGENT BRAINS offerings also include a full range of Professional Services as well as Education and Training programs for all our clients.
INTELLIGENT BRAINS having following Hardware Technician + Outdoor Person job available:
Persons who have good knowledge and practical experience of Computer Hardware can contact IBrains immediately.
INTELLIGENT BRAINS continues to keep an eye on future trends and works closely with our clients on their demands for quality, reliability, return on investment, performance, responsive service and overall cost of ownership. Through our creative vision and commitment to customer satisfaction, INTELLIGENT BRAINS has attained a reputation as a company that provides exceptional products and proven service programs to all our customers.

INTELLIGENT BRAINS focuses on the specific needs of the small to mid-size companies, organizations, education entities. INTELLIGENT Brain's Sales office is located in the heart of city Bahadurabad Karachi.

Intelligent Brains has made significant advances as a result of our progressive business philosophy and consistent performance. We keep our eye on future trends and continually stand behind our products. But instead of being guided solely by the bottom line, Intelligent Brains’ progress is purposefully directed by customer demands for quality, reliability, price, convenience, service and support. Through our combination of creative vision and customer commitment, we have maintained our reputation as a company which provides only the best product and service to the marketplace.
One of the primary reasons for Intelligent Brains longevity and continued success results from our commitment to keeping promises. Intelligent Brains produces superior results by continually raising our standards, expanding our skills, and taking action.
Intelligent Brains success is also reflected in our dynamic management style. We have intentionally designed our company to minimize labour, a move which allows our customers to easily access top management. As a result, all personnel at Intelligent Brains - from top to bottom - act as a unified team on behalf of the customer.

From the desk of:
11 years ago
Data Entry Jobs Esquare services (Pvt) Karachi-Lahore-Islamabad – Pakistan

People behind esquare services (Pvt) Ltd. have been involved in middle to top management positions in cellular industry of Pakistan, since cellular inception in Pakistan in 1990. Esquare services was established in July 2006, but before its inception its director were involved in telecom consultancy & card payphone services, from the platform of Busy Telecom (Pvt) Ltd, since June 2003.

Esquare services (Pvt) Ltd having following vacancy:

Esquare (Pvt) Ltd can help your customers communicate with your business through phone communications, fax, e-mail, voice-mail, chat sessions, voice over web and web-callback requests. Contact centers need to be prepared to queue, route and handle all of these types of communications quickly and efficiently. We recognized the need to maximize efficiency by implementing call blending - establish priorities, set thresholds and dynamically assign agents to inbound and outbound calls based on current inbound call volumes - and to handle predictive and preview dialing campaigns within the same interface used for inbound call handling.
From the desk of:
11 years ago
Call Centre (Telesales) Job Arvin Solutions Hyderabad India

Arvin Solutions is an organisation set up by a group of technocrats having indepth industry experience to cater to the requiremenrts of Innovative Solutions in ever demanding industry landscape.
It specializes in offering solutions catering to best of breed placements , software consulting solutions & outsourcing needs to clients to ensure that they can leverage both quality & cost effectiveness thus increasing there ROI.The uniqueness of the organization lies in providing the best talent & expertise for our clients.

Arvin Solutions having following job available:

Core Values
Core Values emphasizes on company's culture, including professional values, leadership behaviors, and processes. These values are a formal statement of what an individual employee has always stood for.
ArVin Solutions demonstrates a clear and consistent commitment to integrity in its policies and practices. Policies and practices are clearly articulated in corporate publications and statements, and review and oversight are exercised through a variety of mechanisms.
The greatest challenges in business lie not within the actions of competitors or the needs of customers, but from within one’s own company, and ultimately within ourselves. Personal Accountability helps us achieve greater levels of excellence and leadership in our lives, both at work and at home.
Business Ethics reflects the common values that unite us. They mean the standards or benchmarks or criteria against which actions are measured. It sets the standard for ethical business practices that fosters the continued confidence of our customers, employees and stakeholders.
From the desk of:
11 years ago
English Teacher Trainer job in IIEL London UK

The Institute of International Education in London (IIEL) is an international educational institution based in London. In addition to research into educational issues, the IIEL offers several courses such as MA in Language Learning and Japanese Language Teaching course, Postgraduate Diploma / Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language courses, Japanese as a Foreign Language (JFL) and the British Council accredited English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.
IIEL having following job available for teachers:
This job is for experienced and qualified teacher on a part-time basis required July and August. Should be able to take charge of training teacher trainees for teaching English to Young Learners.

From the desk of:
11 years ago
Team Manager Jobs in British Sky Broadcasting Aberdeenshire UK

Sky is a valued part of everyday life in almost 10 million homes, helping people to get even more out of the things they love.
Sky entertains, excite and inspire customers with a great choice of high-quality content. Sky makes technology simple and put viewers in control of how they watch TV. Sky connect people to each other and to the world with broadband and phone services.
Because Sky never forget that Sky is a choice, Sky put customers first and work hard to earn their trust. Sky makes products affordable so millions can join in. And back it all up with a commitment to exceptional customer service.
Sky love being part of the entertainment and communications revolution, creating choice for the people of up most importance to us – our customers.
Work with Sky:
Sky will never give up on believing that we can do more for them. Sky will try to think big, to challenge, to innovate, to look ahead. To push ourselves a little bit harder every time.
Sky always want to offer customers more quality, more value, more service – and always more choice. For us ok is not ok. Good is not good enough. We believe in better.
If you're the kind of person that thinks work should be stimulating and challenging, then this is the place for you. Sky has the following job available:
Sky Benefits
Sky is big believer in recognising great work. And just as passionate about rewarding it.
So, as well as lots of encouragement and support, you’ll find great benefits in return for making Sky the No. 1 entertainment and communications choice.
For customers. For yourself. For everyone.
Sky Culture & Values
Sky’s values are the foundation of culture – defining products and services and the way relate to each other and customers. They are:
in tune with customers, people and society
Energy and innovation is reflected in everything Sky do.
Work together in an open way to engage customers and each other.
Love what Sky do and think that shows through.

From the desk of:
11 years ago
HR Admin Job Vigneshwara Developers Pvt Ltd Gurgaon India

Vigneshwara group is one of the largest professionally managed realty groups of India. The group is a founder member of National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) and the promoter member of Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).
The Group is now coming up with a chain of ambitious technology park projects across the country and abroad. With its innovative business approach and world-class models, Vigneshwara Developers ushered Indian real estate sector into a new era of architectural excellence and quality. Today, the group’s net market worth is $364.4 million with a landbank of 21,780,000 sq. ft. (approx.) in the National Capital Region of Delhi. (Source: Last market transaction in vicinity, market auction report).
Human resources at Vigneshwara Developers are viewed as the company’s most vital assets. This approach has helped us create an environment where employees are encouraged to realise their potential and grow, both professionally and personally. Vigneshwara group has the following job available:

Vigneshwara group offers the best in remuneration and incentive packages, and irrespective of the level at which you join, you become a part of a healthy and competitive work environment.

The Group is plotting its growth under the focused leadership of Mr. Sunil Kumar Dahiya. A science graduate from the highly coveted Elphinstone College, Mumbai, Mr. Dahiya has acquired his techno-commercial skills of management, business development and international relations with global corporate. He has been at the middle management in the sales force of Global Fortune 500 cos’ viz Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong) and Trans Asia Global Logistics (London). Mr. Dahiya has been honored by the prestigious Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award (2006-07) for outstanding performance in the real estate development industry.”

From the desk of:
11 years ago
Customer Relationship Management Service Transformation Consultant Job in UK

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. With more than 177,000 people and offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 52 countries, the company generated net revenues of US$23.39 billion for the
fiscal year ended August 31, 2008.

What does another day in the office mean to you? For our people, Accenture provides an environment and culture that generates interesting and varied work—every day and in whatever area you join. Accenture employees enjoy the challenge that comes with being continually stretched to develop and improve. And they face those challenges without ever feeling stranded, because they can always call on their extensive training, as well as the support of talented colleagues around the world.

Careers at Accenture UK

If you're looking to take your next step into the world of work, we have following opportunities to join us in Consulting and Accenture Technology Solutions.—-service-transformation-consultant-job-131.html

Join Accenture in the United Kingdom and you’ll take your place as a key member of a truly global company with one exciting main focus: to help our clients become high-performance businesses. With challenging opportunities available across our diverse workforces, we’re keen to meet the dynamic innovative people whose ideas and experience will shape the future of many businesses—not just ours. Could you be one of them?

From the desk of:
11 years ago
I have edited this post and inluded city in the titile.
11 years ago
Job Opening For Project Scientist In Radiant Info Systems Ltd Lucknow, UP India

Radiant combines years of experience building and leveraging relationships and partnerships in various industry verticals. We provide intellectual capital and proven methodologies through our business model. In order for our business practices to succeed in industry contexts, we have to be capable of focusing resources to provide efficient and economical systems of the highest quality products and services to our Clients.

Radiant has formed relationships with various clients around the world. We leverage Radiant's global capabilities to support our clients through dedicated, organized and client-focused teams. We deliver customized end-to-end solutions for business, so that the stakeholders benefit from our experience and dedication to maintain fiscal responsibility.

Working at Radiant means being a part of an institution and community that offers constant support, both professionally and personally. The environment at Radiant encourages leadership, and provides an opportunity to succeed through a tradition of teamwork.

Workplace at Radiant help people achieve aspirations and change their lives. Our careers empower ideas and bring them to the world. We make extraordinary efforts to recruit the best person for every position. We are always looking for people with energy and creativity.

Our philosophy towards rewards is that people gets motivated once exceptional performance is acknowledged and rewarded.

We have following job available:
The driving force behind our compensation and benefits program is to encourage and support actions that enable Radiant to become leader in the market place. This helps everyone at Radiant strive toward exceptional performance and achievement - and when that achievement leads to increased profit, everyone shares in the rewards.

Radiant is an equal opportunity employer and the wide opened minds at Radiant reflect our strong and diverse culture. It describes our commitment to the open exchange of ideas in providing the quality service for our clients.

Radiant's diversity vision identifies the actions to ensure that our firm continues its progress toward developing a workplace environment where diversity is encouraged to prosper. At Radiant, we attract diversity by creating a culture that generates creativity, leadership and teamwork. Our success depends on providing an environment where everyone associated with Radiant contributes by demonstrating exceptional performance in an environment that is open and fair.

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11 years ago