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Maxi wu

My experience is slightly different.
This is how i went about it and found
it useful.

1. The books that i read are
- Spring In Practice(code examples on git)
- Spring In Action by Craig Walls
- Just Spring and few more...
Spring In Practice is recommended for reading.

2. It is advised that you read the spring-security
docs. This is the link
5 years ago
Dear Craig

This is a request. Please do not use the DamselRescuingKnight or
any Knight example class. We are not familiar with the Knight and
Quest concept. Requesting after reading the Third Edition.

Your Student, Course example is wonderful.

Thank you
6 years ago
Hi Craig

Spring In Action(2007 edition) is a great book.
I have a few Annotations, say annotations for, JDBC related JavaBeans-POJOs.
And, I have the rest of the JavaBeans-POJOs wired through an XML file.

My question is

Can Spring create a new XML file out of the annotations ?
Say MyAnnotations.xml.

Thank you
6 years ago
After some search, got this satisfactory
answer from Wikipedia. Thank you all
for your patience. Quoting the answer
from Wikipedia.

...While electronic mail servers and other
mail transfer agents use SMTP to send
and receive mail messages, user-level
client mail applications
typically use SMTP
only for sending messages to a mail server
for relaying....


Since, our web application is user-level client
mail application
it uses SMTP and hence port
465 is to be opened.
7 years ago
Help us solve this.

We have a web application hosted on tomcat-7, say
this is Server-A. This web application is sending an
email from GMail SMTP host to the users email address.

The below code are the Properties settings.

Our doubt is, why this code works fine only when
the port 465 is open on Server-A. We understand
from the JavaMail docs that 465 pertains to the
port on Why 465 to be open on
Server-A when it is not sending any emails ?

Thank you in advance.
7 years ago

Sathya Srinivasan wrote:To my knowledge, I don't know of any free SCMAD books. The ones that probably come a little close are my notes (available at and some more notes from others that you can find at Of course, you can always get the specs for free from Sun.

Although there are a few books on J2ME, as far as I know, the only book targeted for the SCMAD exam itself is the one I have written with a few others. You are always welcome to purchase it at a bookstore in India (it is available outside India upon special request - details are on the website). You can find details at

Dear Sathya Srinivasan

Sorry for picking up an old thread!

We have purchased your book(useful book for SCMAD).
And downloaded your notes(again, very useful).

Requesting you to please put your book in 'safaribooksonline'.
and a pdf download (free) for those who have a hard copy.

Am a newbie to J2ME, why are we getting this warning and
the MIDlet is hanging at "Is it OK to use airtime?"

Can some one pl help,

commandAction() to run in separate thread ?
What does that mean ?
9 years ago
Hi Vibhor

Sorry for picking up an old thread !
But we are getting the same error
while running a MIDlet.
Hi Sathya and Ko Ko

Sorry for picking up an old thread.

Am planning to take the SCMAD(now Oracle) exam and
looking for your book, "SCMAD Exam Guide by Ko Ko Naing, Sathya..."
Have the objectives changed after the Oracle take over ?
Having some difficulty in getting the book, will get it only next week.

Thanking you in advance. Congrats ! Saurabh!

Cristian Daniel Ortiz Cuellar wrote:

Chanakya Gupta wrote:Hi Ranchers,

Also include 'Inquisition' in the list of recommended mock tests.

that's great. do you have a particular link with the latest update. thanks a lot

Hi Cristian,

The ScwcdMockTests link at should be the best bet
for latest links of Mock Tests. All links here are working and found
(very)useful for that last minute testing yourself!!!
Hi Ranchers,

Also include 'Inquisition' in the list of recommended mock tests.
Hi Cristian,

It is my pleasure to answer, .
About <auth-constraint> :

Got your query,

With same <url-pattern>, but different <auth-constraint>
1. access allowed ----- <role-name>*</role-name>
2. access prevented ---- <auth-constraint/>
Who wins ? 1 or 2 ?

The winner is NOBODY. 2 wins.
Access is prevented.