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Recent posts by Sneha Bharti

I have one java application that is using JNA to load c library1, this library1 is linked to library2(librt.s0) in which nanosleep symbol is present. I am not getting a way, how to link this library2( with my java application. I tried to load this using System.load("...") in the beginning of java application, but did not get any help. I need your help. I am facing this problem on Solaris_x86 Thank you so much in advance!
9 years ago
Thanks a lot Swastik I read the link and got it nw...
Thanks Martin, I got the reason for the output...
Oh m really sorry...
Actually the output is given Alpha:foo Beta:bar Beta:foo Beta:bar
But I m getting the output: Alpha:foo Beta:foo Beta:bar Beta:bar

This is the question of SCJP Dump5 from the topic OOPs, question1..
can anyone tell me the difference between method overriding and redefining?
Am not getting it clearly..
And pl go through this code:

class Alpha{
public void foo(String... args)
public void bar(String a)

public class Beta extends alpha{
public void foo(String a)
public void bar(String a)
public static void main(String[] argv){
Alpha a=new Beta();
Beta b=(Beta)a;"test");"test");"test");"test");

Alpha:foo Alpha:bar Beta:foo Beta:bar

Now pl tell me the reason for this output...
Thanks a lot everyone...
even I had doubt in this question and now i hv understood this..
Thank you so much Kevinn..
Thanks for your answer but why its illegal?
It is starting with a character and then it can contain any combination or character,number..etc.. so why so?
Can anyone tell me why e# is illegel identifier?
Hi peopl!!!
actually i hv bought d voucher from niit for 6200 but its just a password protected
PDF file nd nowhere is mentioned that, its for scjp 6...
is it valid?that just contain candidate id..
I am going to appear for SCJP 6.
Is Kethy & sierra is sufficient?
wat else do i need to study?