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Recent posts by fred wang

Originally posted by Ion Ion:

1. You don't have any inheritance relationship in the class diagram?
2. You have any Value Objects in Sequence diagram? If yes in sequence diagram you show the return with value object?
If lets say you have an Order business object you draw a message getDetails which return an OrderVo?
And in the JSP you make an [for each] to retrieve LineItemVo from OrderVo??,inheritance relationship isn't shown in component diagram,but is designed in class diagram.
2.Value Objects is not shown in sequence diagram.But you may show it.It's right,i think.
3.I didn't descript any detail in jsp.

Originally posted by Qand Davaatsedev:
Congratulations Fred,
Where did you go to check the results on the web site? Will it appear in "Test History" or "Cert Progress"?
Although I took part 3 only 2 days ago I check my results every 5 minutes so it's better to know the exact location.

You are so impatient!They will send mail to you after marking.I received the mail after about 4 weeks.And the detail result is in "Test History".

Originally posted by Ion Ion:
Few questions:
1. How you deal with inheritance relationship in component diagrams ??
2. Did you show the bussines objects (from class diagram )in the sequence diagram ?
3. How address security in sequence diagram ?

1.I didn't use inheritance relationship because I used cmp as the persistence method.
2.yes.i used mvc(form,controller,model).The model is the bussines object.The message is the method of the bussines object.
3.I didn't address security.
I cost about less than 40 hours to complete the submission.but i came this forum to see some question and answer sometimes.This is helpful.I think the test is not very difficult,and the marking is not very strict.
1.the sequence diagram is not too important in the test,and it's point is not too much.I descipt the flow for every use case.Some comments are necessary,because some notation is not existed in uml.I didn't draw many classes,They worked like MVC.
2.the class diagram.I only refine the domain classes.maybe It's too simple,so i lost many points.
3.the component diagram.I used many design pattern here.It's very large.Every class is shown.
4.I used rational rose to design the architecture,and used rosegraph to generate the picture.
btw,i take part 3 exam before submitting the submission because of the permission problem.
It's not necessary to show j2ee components in the component diagram.You should make all technology decision here.The design principle,design pattern should be applied.
thank all guys who help me!The forum is very helpful.perhaps my english is not very good,and the class diagram is too simple,so i lost 6 point at class diagram section.
This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70. Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 38 Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 43 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

you are great! appreciate you very much.
"the test" is not important now ,because of your excellent answer. i mean that the Marking standard of scea is different from my fore design method.
how about the details of the class and the class's method? sequence diagram,do the operation is required?if so,the operation's parameters is also required? class diagram ,what methods should be shown?such as business method and other basic methods:create,find,update,remove..
the test is very different from our design,so i'm wondering.please help me.i'll sumit my assign
next week.thanks very much.
in Prepare Itinerary use case,what's the meaning of
[Content edited by Ajith Kallambella, please see note below ]
anyone may tell me ?

[ June 13, 2003: Message edited by: Ajith Kallambella ]

Originally posted by alain hsiung:

1. I think that other solutions may be correct too. To my understanding the architect should do both modeling the business AND design an architecture with the state-of-the-art technologies. I must admit that I did design an alternative component diagram with Struts framework which I didn't send. I compared my "MVC model 2" and my "struts" component diagrams and I chose to send the "MVC model 2" because it is more concrete. The "struts" variant could almost be copy/paste from a struts book, it didn't show much. In reality (not for the SCEA exam) I would take the struts variant. Don't be afraid of sending a more "foundation architecture" variant!
2. the J2EE design pattern are in the component diagram because here I have all the tiers and all technological decisions! The class diagram models the business and is technology neutral! The class diagram forms the basis for EJB design (in the component diagram) but there is no mention of stateful session bean, entity bean, etc. in the class diagram. The class diagram may be reused with other technologies than EJB (plain Java, .net, etc). Class diagram is important as a communication mean between domain expert and computer scientist. It is as constant as the domain. Component diagram reflects the technology decisions, may change with the technologies and is used by the programmer.
Alain Hsiung
Ideartis Inc.

thank you very much for your reply.
perhaps now the topic is the architecture we discussing,not the design detail.
during the develop process, we make the technology decisions at the design period.we follow the design technology : principle,layer,mvc,patterns... at this time. we show all these in class diagram ,then generate the frame's very useful for the develop efficiency and the software' quality is not bad.but the component diagram is seldom used.It's can be produced during generating code.
am i right?
[ June 10, 2003: Message edited by: redw25 ]
Congratulations, Alain. may you answer me two question?
first,why you pay attention to the business mainly,not the common architecture,as all others.but i think the foundation architecture is more important,like petstore,struts.
second,why the design patterns are used in component diagram?not in class diagram?
i want to use the architecture of petstore 1.3.1 as the main part of my architecture ,and structs partly.because i have use the simplied architecture of petstore for a long time,and think it's fine.
who can give me any suggest?
thank all persons in the forum.just passed with 87% beacuse of my poor english.i'm in china.i'll go to part 2 and part 3 if i have money.
may anyone tell me some link about scea,especiall some example questions?