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Recent posts by Varun Narula

Know of any database which has complete support for JDBC 2.0 (or a major part of it) and is free to distribute with a commercial application ?
I noticed the INESystems site which was offering a free exam simulator till some does back has now gone offline.

Can anyone mail me a copy of the exam simulator? Thanks in advance.
Thanks Evelyn for giving us the opportunity to appear for the beta !!
Hi iyven,

I am using this for my reference even for the SCBCD exam.

Hope this helps !
Yes Section 3.3 of the syllabus mentions 'use of UDDI data structures'.
If you have not created any projects delete the workspace directory and try running eclipse again. This usually works. If you have any projects inside of the the workspace directory, copy them outside of the eclipse folder, and delete the workspace directory. Once eclipse has started successfully, exit it and copy the project contents into the newly created workspace directory.

Hope this helps.
Name: Varun Narula; Took date: 05/22/2004; Place: Ahmedabad, India
Some observations -

The exam is too long. I took breaks every 50-60 questions.
The questions seem to appear groupwise. A set of questions (10-15) on JAXP then SOAP and so on..
Lots of questions on security - encryption, digital certs, basic, digest
form etc

I had been preparing for the SCBCD and that helped a bit, especially
on the questions on architecture.

My best wishes to all those appearing for the exam !!
Thanks Ko Ko
and thanks for the compliment Arun :-)
Which app server would be most appropriate for the preparation of the exam
assuming -
(1) that one has not worked on a ejb container earlier,
(2)a developer copy of the app server should be easily available
(3)the app server has sufficient documentation and is easy to get
started with. one would prefer spending time understanding the ejb api
rather than getting involved in the intricacies of the server
Is there some way to have more than the 65k chars a String can hold?
18 years ago
How do the two compare on fees, scope of exam, toughness, industry recognition?
Visisted this site after a long time and came to know it is no longer active.. what happened to the 'certified once.. valued everywhere' ?
is no company other than big blue interested in this vision??
Does anyone know from where to get TogetherSoft tutorials on EJB ?