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Recent posts by pamir sonmez

you can set job as restartable.
explained in

however Saifuddin is right.
a new job for each message may be overkill
9 years ago
Normally, I was using jaxb to parse xml file into java objects.
However, now I have some heap problems

There are some files greater than 1GB.
Which library can I use for this?

I found some examples, tutorials and suggestions about vtd-xml, stax api, etc.
But I wonder your experiences and suggestions.

thanks in advance
you should configure your transaction manager seperately for tomcat and websphere.
For instance,
for tomcat use "HibernateTransactionManager"
for websphere use webspheretransaction manager

help may be further, if you give more detail about your problem and configuration.
12 years ago
i would suggest you to use jquery
also google it like jquery loading gif
and a sample link from the results
12 years ago
Hibernate Id can be generated by setting <generator class="identity" />
and can be assigned by setting <generator class="assigned" />

By using the same hibernate mapping, I want two save methods
one will save with generated id
and other one will save with assigned id

is it possible?
As the problem tells you, your xml file does not fit to your xsd file.
I guess you know the relationship between xml and xsd.
So, you are using an an element or attribute that is not in the xsd schema.
You should check your xml file against your xsd.
12 years ago
If I got your question and problem right, as your problem told to you; you have a redirection loop
for instance, page1 redirects to page2, and page2 redirect to page3 and page redirect to page1 again and it lasts like that...
so check your redirections in the pages or in the action parts
12 years ago
I wonder your opinions about unit testing for model classes in MVC environment.

Lets assume that I am developing a java web project and using mvc pattern, so i have model classes for each database table.
Do I have to define unit test for model classes?
Because model classes generally have methods like getX() and setX(...)? What is the gain of testing these method?
Maybe, equals or hashCode is the only methods that should be tested I think.
12 years ago
add other project jar or dependecy to your main project

in your main project application context
while you are importing your own service.xml
also import other project service.xml file

then you can use other project bean as you use them in other project
13 years ago
In my security.xml file , I implemented the access rights of admin/** page like that;

Then, In my strut.xml file, I have an action mapping like that;

I am able to call the myAction without logging in to the system
and at the result of the action I am forwarded to the admin.jsp page which I dont have required priveleges, However since action redirected me to that page, I am able to see the content of the page.

Since url is not changed after the action is called, security is not restricting the page show.
How can I handle this situation?
If security handle the forwarding, wouldnt it be better ?
13 years ago
I was looking for the iteration logic of sturts tags and I come accross a document whick checks like;

I could not understand the meaning of % character
because I was always using like

Is there a difference between usage of these two characters?
I searched in google, bur character search is not very helpful.
13 years ago
I am developing a web project using struts2 and springframework

For the UI layer(designing jsp page), do you suggest any opensource or free framework?
13 years ago
you are right,I dont want to use session.

In the first action method(called from 1.jsp) I can reach the textbox value
and in the second action method(called from 2.jsp), I want to reach the value of textbox in the 1.jsp page
How can I include value of textbox to the request scope of 2.jsp page?
13 years ago
Let me explain what I wanted simply,

Firstly in 1.jsp page I have a textbox and from this page and action method is called
In this method, I can reach the value of the textbox from request, from this method 2.jsp page is called
in this jsp page an action method is called
and in this method I want to reach same textbox value

in the first action method I can put it into the session object.
Or is there some including mechanism that I can direct parameter of 1.jsp to the 2.jsp page.

in action method, I use actionMapping.findforward(....) method
13 years ago
I am having trouble about the spring security accessDeniedHandler, I am configuring accessDeniedHandler like;

<bean id="exceptionTranslator"
<property name="authenticationEntryPoint" ref="authenticationEntryPoint" />
<property name="accessDeniedHandler" ref="accessDeniedHandler"/>
<bean id="authenticationEntryPoint"
<property name="loginFormUrl" value="/ogin.jsp" />
<bean id="accessDeniedHandler"
<property name="errorPage" value="/accessDenied.jsp" />

when I use accessDeniedHandler property of exceptionTranslator and I am trying to reach a page that I donot have privileges
I am getting the exception like; Access is denied

However, I am redirected to the page that I do not have privilege and I am not redirected to accessDenied page

What am I missing?
13 years ago