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Recent posts by Pavlo Rybakov

So... I also got my certificate.

Thank you Roel, thank you Roberto for nice advices.

I have now my certificate in hands, but I cannot find any detailed information about grades for each section. Neither im letter nor on the

P.S. About a time: I sent my package on 12 Jul. On 19 Jul I reveived a confirmation. And on 9 Aug. I got a EMail with gratulations.
10 years ago
Hi all,

So I'm a little bit confused now...
In FAQ the name of the jar file should be scdja-PROMETRICID.jar
But in this discussion you write the name of file is FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME-PROMETRICID.jar

Which one is correct?

And what did you write in the email subject?
Did you write something in email text or just empty email with attachment?

In my assignment I found only:

Make sure to include you Prometric ID when you make your submission

Thanks a lot,
Thank you Roel!
I see now.

I finished my choise.txt and a little bit nervous 2 days before essay
Hi All,

What do you think, may I implement CASE INSENSITIVE comparise, if DB interface has the following description:

A non-null value in criteria[n] matches any field value that begins with criteria[n]. (For example, "Fred" matches "Fred" or "Freddy".)

or does it mean automatic failure?
By the way... May be it's a time to refresh the FAQ?

It looks like vouchers are no needed longer.
Hi Raf, I'm also in Germany.
You have a nice company. I pay by myself.
I called Sun in Muenchen yesterday and thay confirmed this info.
Thank you Roel.

I was counting on a smaller amount
I'll call also Sun in Germany tomorrow and ask about it...

Hi Raf,

does it mean the SCJD cost now $600 ?
I payed $300 for 310-252A

Hi all,

I'm again with 48-hour rule...
Is it bussines rule or database rule?

Theoretically it's a bussines rule, but than this means I have to transfer all reserved records from DB layer to Bussines layer and apply 48-rule filter there... What I would not like...
Hi All,

I got the task for 310-252A without any voucher number.
But now, for 310-027 people in the Test Center are asking for this voucher number.

I'm tried to purchase the voucher on the, but they have no "Sun" option in the order form...

So, I'm a little bit confused...

Does anybody know how can I fild out my voucher number or order one without pay for this again?



I sow also "I can use the purchased vouchers, if any", and just ignored it.
But now, for the CX 310-027 (second part of exam), people in the Test Center are asking for the voucher number which I do not have...
I'm also confused.
Hi all,

and again about the 48 hours rule...

Does anybody implemented it?

If I understand correctly, the "available date" means the room is available SINCE the date. Isn't?

Hi all,

What do you think about Constants class which contains all possible constants?
Why it can be a wrong way?

Cindy, you are right: we are here not to show off us self... And because of this it's not shame to accept other idea better as your own.
I called my topic "looking for nice advice", and not "give me nice ready code". That's why you can see here only discussion about.

But anyway, I'm sorry for your unpleasantness and wish you all the best.

Kind regards,
Hi Roel,

Thank you for your description, it makes me thoughtful.
I'll try to keep these layers separate.

I cannot say I'm realy agreed with your example about RDBMS.
You mix here a db layer and representation layer.
You know that records in the database are not realy deleted...

I need deleted flag because for "create new record" operation I MUST reuse
deleted records instead of just add new one.

But it's an interesting idea: do not read all records and than separate
they on deleted and not deleted, but during reading process manage whether
do we need all records or valid records only...

Kind regards,