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Recent posts by padma jyotsna

Congrats!! thats a great score
10 years ago
Thanks guys..

Rajeev, I found some questions were little tough...made me confused. but i felt that most of the questions were easy to answer.
and in enthuware i was scoring around 90% . So I expected to get more than 90% in real exam. As i wrote in earlier post... i delayed taking exam by few weeks after getting ready and may be that affected my score.

10 years ago
I passed SCWCD 5 with 86%.
It took me 2 months of preparation to go for it. had to take it few weeks back but got delayed.

Read Head First (2- 3 times), David bridgewater study guide
free mock exams & rancher notes from ScwcdLinks
practiced enthuware mock exams
wrote some code
and posted few questions here on javaranch and the response has been pretty quick...

thanks to ranchers for all the guidance and to authors for such great books.

Enthuware was really helpful a lot in gaining confidence and assess preparedness. thanks..

10 years ago
Thanks Frits & Paul..

I will go for it. will also go through your notes Frits.

Just to be on the safer side, i have one more question which i missed to ask in my first post on this thread....

When i compare Enthuware questions and Head First servlets & JSP (2nd Edition) final mock exam , I felt that the questions in HF final mock are more tricky and tougher than enthuware.

So, is the real exam easier than the final mock exam in HF (2nd edition)?

Hi all,

1)I am using enthuware mock exams for my preparation and i have been able to score pretty good in them (average of around 90% from 6 mocks i attempted)

I just wanted to know whether the real SCWCD exam difficulty level is similar to that in Enthuware mocks or the real exam is more tough.

If anyone has tried out enthuware , please advise...
it will help me in deciding if i need any further preparation

2)Also , as of now i didnt find any questions on Tag Files in enthuware mocks . Is that topic missed in enthuware?


checked the generated servlet that clear

Thanks guys...
Thanks for the reply...

do you mean that scripting code should not be used at all inside the body of jstl tag?
did i miss some basic point here?
Hi all,

I have a question on Simple tags.
Suppose there is a Simple tag handler class with <name>mytag<name> in the TLD

considering the taglib directive is set appropriately in the jsp,
and calling nested tags as shown below , how many instances of the tag handler class will be created?


will there be only One instance created.
or because Simple tag handler class instances are not reused by the container, for every tag invocation in the jsp, a new instance is created?

As per my understanding, there will be 3 instances created. is that correct?

Hi all,

I was trying out the following code.

here is the test.jsp:

and the code inside the servlet

Now I am getting a compiler error at line 06 of test.jsp i.e

why cant the scripting code access the iteration variable "dept"
whereas EL can access the iteration variable in the body of the tag?


Ankit Garg wrote:The spec is unclear about whether WEB-INF is mandatory. Checkout this old thread on this...

Thanks for all the replies..
I have checked the spec and the above referred thread. There is nothing mentioned clearly about whether WEB-INF and META-INF are mandatory.

Finally is it correct to say that WEB-INF & META-INF directories must be there. Is that correct? thats what the exam expects?

But at this link ScwcdHints , point 12 is contradictory. I believe its taken from DavidBRIDGEWATER book.

I have written some code and checked out
It gave an IllegalArgumentException.

I happen to read in some mock question that NullPointerException arises. I believe that is wrong answer.

please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for the reply..but I am not clear yet.

As per what I have read in SCWCD exam study guide by David Bridgewater , it says

"Having a directory called WEB-INF is a strong recommendation ,but not an obligation.
If a question asks you to say whether a web application must have particular directories.The correct answer is "No"."

Hence ,I am not clear on what is the right answer? Is there an error in the above statement?
please clarify..
I have one question on META-INF directory.
is it mandatory (i.e by the Spec) that a WAR file must have a META-INF directory?

As far as i know, even WEB-INF folder is not a must in a web app. Am I right?

What does SCWCD expect as answer for such a question?

according to the API, when getRequestDispatcher() is called on ServletContext object, absolute path must be given.. right?

I would like to know what happens if ServletContext.getRequestDispatcher() is given a relative path as the argument.
Will it give rise to IllegalStateException or NullPointerException?

are the SCWCD questions specific about the name of the exception?