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Henri Ngui

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since Jun 07, 2010
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Recent posts by Henri Ngui

Hi everyone,

I need HELP with overlaying / displaying 3D objects on top of live video feed from the default on-board camera of mobile devices.

Currenlty i've manage to create an application that shows the video input from the camera and a 3D cube separately but both are created in a single Canvas class. Controlled using if-else condition.

Now i am trying to show both together on the same canvas, but everytime it seems that the video will only show ON TOP of the 3D cube...

At the moment, i'm trying my luck using a technique that "interlace"s between the camera and the 3D object. The canvas is repaint()ed in a Timer class.

I really need to know if there are other possible and hopefuly simpler ways to do achieve what i need. HELP!!

Just to be honest, i'm a total noob (freshy, greenhorn, fng...etc) in Java. Please help before i drown myself in (Java) coffee...

Deep in coffee,
11 years ago