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You might also want to take a look at the REPLACE and REGEXP_REPLACE functions.
13 years ago
Hello guys
I recently became SCJP certified and I am wondering what to do next. I was thinking about studying for the SCWCD certification, however with the announcement of the new certifications, including the JSP and Servlet Developer certification in Oracle's website I'm not sure whether to study using SCWCD books or wait a little longer for a possible release of books for the new certification.
Basically, for those of you who have seen the new objectives of the exam, or even better, done the beta test, how different are these 2 exams? Can I study for SCWCD and be prepared for the new JSP/Servlet certification? Also, how long does it usually take for a certification to be available after it's beta release?
Hmm Priority Queue seems to fit the scenario, as it allows duplicate items and sort them implicitly.

In order for any particular method to override another correctly :
The return type, method name, type and order of arguments must be identical to those of a method in a parent class.

The return type can also be a subtype of the overriden method's return type.
Remember that since you have a different parameter in your show() method in the Child's class you are overloading the show() method in Parent's class and not overriding it. So when you call the method and passes a parent reference, the method show() defined in the Parent class, that Child inherited, will be executed.
I believe there will be a compiler error, because while the member name is visible for the Sam class (because its marked as protected and Sam inherits it), it will be seen as private to other classes in the same package as Sam (because it inherits it from a class in another package). Therefore giving a compiler error when Parent class tries to access it.
But I still have a long way to go before getting ready for SCJP..
That's what I said. The Float.valueOf() method accepts either a float or a String parameter though.
Sandra, from what I understood, on the f5 variable you are passing a double parameter for the Float.valueOf() method, while it does not support it.