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Recent posts by Sanjeev Kumaar

for a time ,

you just remove/comment the entire <servlet> tag and <servlet-mapping> tag in your web.xml & then try to run & say what you get .

& don't forget to restart server after any changes you are making in web.xml.
7 years ago

Hi Dominic !

Try this http://localhost:8080/Beer-v1/

Is it giving any list containing name of html files ?

If your answer is yes then
you must have misspelled your file name or something like that
you must have not provided the classes folder inside WEB-INF which will contain your servlet according to your web.xml.

7 years ago

Problem resolved ....

I modified my servlet code a bit like following.

Tell me if I can improve this ...

Thanks Paul ! you were really helpful .

Thanks Paul for showing interest ,

as per tutorial saving the session was enough and I if committing the transaction is necessary then how I'll do this ? I mean which method I'll use?

Hi All!

This is my first example of Hibernate. I'm trying to insert a record in Derby using Hibernate. I've created a web application where a servlet is doing the main stuff.

I've used
IDE : Netbeans 6.8
Database : Derby
Server : Glassfish

here is my hibernate.cfg.xml

my hibernate.reveng.xml

my pack1.Student.hbm.xml



n my

I'm having STUDENT table inside "sample" db on my local Derby server.

while calling servlet it shows success but doesn't inserting record .

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance.
try this

7 years ago

Shanky Sohar wrote:

David Newton wrote:

Shanky Sohar wrote:It is because
String extends OBject and compiler choose most superclasss object when compare to subclass

No, it's because the compiler calls the method with the most specific subclass, as the link already provided states.

That's correct .but tell me whether i am right or not
as per what i think is that most superclass means most specialized class and specialized means most specific class

You are right if yo'll use most subclass instead of most superclass.........
8 years ago
Problem Resolved

Thanks to all
8 years ago
I have written a small program as follow-

output of this program is -


please tell me the reason that why it is calling fun(String) when we're not passing any String while calling the function.

Thanks in Advance.


8 years ago
Ok ... Now tell me which Book I should prefer.
Hi All !

I know EJB2x. Can I give SCBCD ?

Thanks in Advance