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Recent posts by Luis Cabral

Roberto Perillo wrote:By the way, are you brazilian too, champ?

Fala campeao!

Yes I am brazilian too... but I live in London and I am moving to Australia later this year!

That is why I decided to try get the SCJP and SCJD certifications, hopefully they will help me get a good job over there...

Hi there,

Just to say that I sat today the essay exam and found it very easy... in fact too easy! It took me less than one hour to do it and I wrote in average 5 short paragraphs in each of the 4 questions. I hope that was enough, you never know what they expect in such exams! I just took extra care to mention my classes and interfaces names as often as possible. In any case, I think that if you take it right after you finished your project you should have problems at all.

I also have just sent my jar file and got almost immediatelly a reply from them confirming the receipt. Now it is just the waiting game...

Thanks for all the help, direct by replying to my questions or indirect, by offering such a great source of information in this forum!

Hi Raf

Raf Szczypiorski wrote:For me it is instructions.html and that's what I copy there.

When I purchased the SCJD exam (2 weeks ago) I was presented with an web page with the said instructions and a link for a file called The only thing inside that file was the database file (db-1x1.db). I didn't see any instructions.html...

Fortunately I saved that web page and I will rename it and add it to my submission. I hope it will be fine but I am still a bit confused...!

Roel -- thanks for sending the link for the ant build, it works perfectly!


Jianping Wang wrote:Data is a singleton in my project. I found that the Data.getInstance(String file, int magicCookie) is ugly because every time it is called, it creates a new RandomAccessFile and a new lockMap. Singleton Pattern in Books has no parameters in getInstance so it looks perfect. But here we have to pass on a list of parameters.

If I want a singleton created with parameters only once, and use Data.getInstance() only. How to achieve that?

I used a singleton in my solution also, but getInstance() just returns the unique instance which at first is a un-opened database. The call to create and open it is something like this:

MyClass.getInstance().startup("filename", 123);

Any database operations performed without startup() being called first will result in a database exception. I have also a getStatus() method.

Not sure if from a "pattern" point of view is ideal but works and it seems simply enough to me... any coments welcome!

Hi Roel,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Roel De Nijs wrote:
You'll have to create 2 jars: the runme.jar (which should be an executable jar which is capable of launching your application in 3 modes) and a submission jar (containing all files you need to submit as described in your instructions).

Thanks also for pointing this out! At first I thought everything should go inside the runme.jar but after re-reading it with more care I see that the runme.jar should go inside another jar, which is the one I should send to them. The instructions however do not give details on how that other jar should be called. I hope this is the only thing I misread in my assignment...!

Another thing that still is not clear to me is this:

The JAR file must have the following layout and contents in its root:
- A directory called docs, containing the following items at the top level:
- These instructions.

Do you know what they mean with "these instructions"? The whole assigment instructions? What should it be called, instructions.txt?


Raf Szczypiorski wrote:Hi. Did your requirements mention any particular name for the submission jar? My only says that it has to be a jar and mentions what it must have in its root.

Hi, in my requirements it says in the deliverables section: "The executable JAR containing the programs. This must be called runme.jar". Do you have something similar in yours?

It also says that I should send the above jar by email to

I read in the SCJD FAQ in this website that you should use a website to upload your jar and use a specific naming standard for it, which confused me. I assume the procedure to send the deliverables has changed, or maybe it is different for each assignment?