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You have to e-mail your assignment to oracle now.
I am trying to make a dynamic drop down box. It is supposed to put the numbers 1-12 in the box. Can someone help?


If your assignment has: "the current thread gives up the CPU and consumes no CPU cycles until the record is unlocked." then you are breaking that rule. Returning an error message requires CPU cycles.
I started attaching my jar to every e-mail I sent to them. They finally said it was sent to the assessors. Hopefully I will know the results in a few weeks.
I don't think your database should return deleted records.
I originally sent my assignment in around March 25. I sent it to all the e-mails that have been posted here. I still have not heard back. I've called several times but they are no help on the phone. In mid april I sent an e-mail to asking if they recieved it. I got an e-mail back saying they would try to find out if they had received it. They never did get back to me. June 4th I sent another e-mail asking about it and never got a response. I sent yet another a few days ago.
I am trying to figure out how to seperate tiers in an application.
Ok, lets say you are buidling a small/medium size application. It is just on one server and just a few clients connect to it. The database would have several tables. And there would do several different things requiring several views. How would you split this up? Would you just have a big interface between the layers?

Example: A car renting app. It sits on a server and several clients use internet browsers to access it. It would would at least have the users log in and then be able to rent a car. It would have a few database tables for users and a few for car/car renting. Would you just have a big interface for crud operations for all the tables. That would provide access to the data layer. Then just have a big interface for business methods like login, rent car?

Is that a good way or it there a better way to do something like this.