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Recent posts by Mohan rvscas

i am trying to change truststore property dynamically. the changes could not be affected at run time until i restart the application.

is there any way to change truststore and let the changes should affect ?
6 years ago
i am trying to create ssl certificate for LDAP.

so i have installed Apache directory server and connection with this server works fine.
typically, the port 386 works with out ssl.

Now, i want to create ssl certificate file to ldap (apache directory server).

how can i create ssl certificate for ldap (apache directory server) ?
and how to enable ssl mode in apache directory server?
6 years ago
Sorry, i gave the local ip address please change and refer the path (this is public).

my problem :

In xml content there is a tag called field with the name field5. that has the long text. You can see the actual content in url path.
i tried with out field5 tag its working fine but when i try with field5 tag the parser is not parsing actual content means it skips the reading and printing empty values

does my problem is meaning full? have any one understand my problem?
Hi friends,

am trying to parse and read the content from the above xml file.

am using dom parser and also i tried StAX parser to parse the xml contents.

but i cannot parse such a large file content.

could any one please help me to get out from this issue.

Hi venkat penmatsa,

I think your form-bean tag only mapped with LoginForm class.

and also for a request should have only one form-bean attribute that means either LoginForm bean or BankController bean

but you are casting the form object for two classes as you posted like this.

LoginForm l=(LoginForm)form;
BankController b=(BankController)form;

just put any one statement. Relevant what you mapped with the form-bean attribute.
7 years ago

gives me a ClassCastException as my criteria returns me list of objects of type Product(Which is my POJO)
how can I cast it to my form class object (ProductForm) ?

how can I retrieve object of type Part from the list (or single record) returned by Criteria?

your bean should have getter and setter method / the variable should be public.

7 years ago

1. Not necessary to write the action name attribute in JSP preceded with slash.

2. Actually action name does not suffixed with .do in struts-confix.xml. you will be identify the action with .do suffixed action name.
.do suffixed action name will be filtered by the Filter Class.In which Filter class is defined in web.xml file.
7 years ago
Hi Mike,

You can set the content type in jsp page for download the jsp page as html.

After downloading the page use mail attachment and do your process.

Use the following code to download the jsp page.
7 years ago
Hi Naresh Talluri,

i am also having the same problem.

have you fixed memcache issue.

please help me.

Hi friends,

I am trying to filter only jpg images when user clicking the file type for uploading images.

i tried accept attribute in file type but its not working.

please get me out from this issue.

any suggestion with solutions always welcome

Hi Experts

Do we need to test for services in struts project ?

8 years ago
Hi friends,

While testing my flex application using flexunit stack trace is not coming.

i am using flex 3.0 sdk.

i am doubted with the flexunit.swc library file please if any one having correct flexunit.swf file please give me the path.

8 years ago
Hi experts,

i am having problem when i executing the test on cobertura coverage on hudson. while executing the code with ant its working properly.

i am using hibernate related jar file especially cglib-2.1.3.jar and asm-1.5.1.jar

if any one knows the solution or advice please post

Thanks in advance.