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kubendran pattabi

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since Jul 09, 2010
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Recent posts by kubendran pattabi

Hi Friends,

I bought the sun voucher one year back . I completed scjp , I bought this voucher to write "SCDJWS" Unfortunately i unable to spend the time
to prepare the exam and my sun voucher will expire in july-31-2010. If any one going to take the exam with in the week time please make use
this voucher. This is common voucher, so you can write any sun exams.

Any querys or information please dorp the mail to, Email ID :
10 years ago

May i know what happen , Did you clear the exam ?
I am also in the same situation like you , i have two weeks

Thanks ..

At present i am preparing for scdjws exams, but none of the site not able to find the sample mock exams..
If you have any sample quetions or mock exam links
please let me know.

Thank you.
10 years ago
Hi to all,

I completed scjp last year , After that during offer period i bought one voucher to write SCDJWS .
Unfortunately i unable to get time to prepare the same , my voucher will valid upto july 30 2010.
I dotn think so i can prepare and clear SCDJWS with in 20 days. So i plan to sell any one need the voucher
Please let me know. (This is the common voucher you can write any sun exam.)

my gmail id :
mobile no : 9994647850

thanks and regards,
pattabi. (Chennai, INDIA)
10 years ago