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Recent posts by Rahul somanath

Hi Nehul

I think home business methods cannot return EjbObject. We go for home business methods when we dont want ejbObjects.
Others please correct me if I am wrong.
Hi Sabine Chemaly

I have not found the solution. If you have found the solution please let me know.

Thanking You
6 years ago
I found the solution. I changed the form method from GET to POST. for the parameters to get passed.
I would be great if someone could explain me why doesn't GET method doesn't work.
For more clarity i am pasting the entire code here

I not able understand why i should pass it as hidden parameter. I am trying to pass the parameters in the url. Can you please explain this and why and how to pass it as hidden parameter
Hi Bear Bibeault . Thanks a lot for coming forward to help me.

I used httpFox. There is no parameter passed in the URL
I am doing form submit from javascript when a image is clicked. Below is the form tag in my code

The image is present in the form tag. When i click the image i call a java script method shown below

The problem I am facing is the page gets submitted but i am not able to receive the parameter "selection" in the server.
request.getParameter("selection") is coming as null.

It would be great if someone would help in resolving this problem. I tried googling but didn't get a solution.
I google a lot and could not find an answer to the above question. Can someone let me know if JMeter supports SPNEGO authentication.
6 years ago
Hi All

I am new to JMeter. I am currently doing a performance testing of a web application using Jmeter. This web application uses Windows authentication.
When I am generating the request i am getting the following message in the response section of the "View Results Tree"

I came to know that for windows authentication we need to use Http Authorization manager above the Http Request element.
This is the input i have given

Base url: http://localhost:3030
username: m1/userid

I also tried changing
Base url: http://localhost:3030
domain: m1

I am still not able to resolve the issue. I would be great if someone could help me in resolving the above issue in JMeter. I also dont understand what is Realm, whether it is required or not and why

Thanks and Regards
7 years ago
Thanks a lot Peter.

As you said there was a problem with tomcat. When i mannually deployed in tomcat it didnt work. I reinstalled tomcat and not its working fine.

Hi All

I have developing web applications using eclipse-jee-galileo-win32 in windows XP machine. Now i have upgraded from a XP machine to Windows 7 32 bit machine. Now my development work is getting affected. Now whenever I try to run the application from eclipse by right click on jsp ->run on server . The tomcat server 5.0 takes atleast 10 to 15 mins to start each time.

It would be great if some one could help in resolving the issue.

Thanks and Regards
Thnaks a lot Subhendu.

Just now i came to know that tThe HibernateUtil is a separate Java file provided by the Book. I went to their site and got this file.

Instead of providing the java file you could have mention this info and it would have made me clear.

Thanks a lot for for the assistance.

Thanks and Regards
I have also added the hibernate3.jar file to the class path and i am still facing the same problem.
Its a compile time exception that i am getting. The eclipse is not resolving the import statement.

I dont know under which jar is the file is

The required folder under hibernate-distribution-3.5.2-Final-dist\hibernate-distribution-3.5.2-Final\lib\required contains the following jars

Hi All

I am trying to execute my first program on Hibernate. I am executing the HelloWorld program in the book "Java persistance with hibernate".
I have downloaded hibernate-distribution-3.5.2-Final i have taken all the jar files under the folder "hibernate-distribution-3.5.2-Final\lib\required" and added them to the class path

I am trying to execute the program

But i am getting the error Unable to resolve the class HibernateUtil. Please let help me in resolving this problem

Thanks in advance