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Recent posts by Divyya Joshi

What i am getting is an error in line number 14 and 16. I think it means connection is not getting created.

Here's the code:

The problem is that connection is not getting created. I want to insert data but i am not able to create connection.
Bear, i will keep this in mind.
Please help me toh correct this.
Hello everyone,
I am facing problem adding data from JSP form page into MS-Access(database). Please help me correct this.

Here's the code
1. form.jsp

2. insert.jsp

Please help me correct it
Thanks in advance.
Can anyone please tell why can't we use ServletConfig in constructor?
I read Kathy Sierra for SCWCD-1.5 but still i am not able to understand the exact reason
Please guide me.
Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
hello friends, i was just trying to select data from database using servlet . but i am getting following error when trying to execute this.

And code for the program is

Kindly anyone tell where am i going wrong. Also i have succesfully tested the datasource created .
Thanks friends i got it corrected on myu own. I was giving wrong server name.
Hey friends ,
I am trying database connectivity in to SQL Server 2005 using servlet but i am not able to create datasource. Connection fails each time i try to do so.
I am using Netbeans 7.0.1 and database as SQL server 2005.
Can any one help me correct this one.
Thanks in advance
Hello friends even i am interested in joiming this group.
Kindly give details regarding it.
Piyush and Aravind Thanks a lot for your reply.
Aravind , You mean that i should apply smthing for "remember password ". Can you please explain it to me that how can i do it.
Thanks in advance
12 years ago
Hey friends ,
The following code accepts username and password when executed first but in other attempts to execute it does'nt accept and shows previous entered values in text boxes
Here's the code

I want it to accept username & password each time user logins
Thanks for paying attention.
12 years ago
Hello friends ,
I prepared a login page using JSP which should accept username and password each time user logins but the following code accepts username and password only one (in beginning) and the other time i execute the code it displays the value i entered earlier.
Here's the code
12 years ago
Gaurav as far as duration is concerned i feel it may varies.
I feel it will take complete week hard work with no distraction provided you have an overview of Object Oriented Concepts.
It took me almost a month to prepare.
12 years ago
Gaurav i just refered K&B and practised Examlabs mock test(you can install it from google, its just free of cost and gives real exam like environment). Initially my score was as low as 25% in Examlabs even though i had gone through K&B twice.
But with god's blessings i did'nt gave up and you won't believe that a day before exam my score was 53 .
I gave test given on K&B CD and i scored just 61 even though i practised open exam book question which are just similar to closed exam questions. On exam day , just RELAX... Like everyone says real exam is much easier than given in K&B and very much simpler then mock test.
Believe in god and remember "Hard work is key to success".
All The Best

12 years ago