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Recent posts by thejaka samarakoon

can anyone help me on this.

In this code the output is

New thread: Thread[One,5,main]
New thread: Thread[Two,5,main]
New thread: Thread[Three,5,main]
One: 5
Thread One is alive: true
Thread Two is alive: true
Thread Three is alive: true
Three: 5
l.................................................more output

Why after out put of "New thread: Thread[One,5,main]" not be the out put "One:5" .can anybody explain why?"Is all 3 threads constructors call before run() method.
Can someone please tell me how to find questions/answers on Date, Calendar, Date Format, Number Format and Locale ?

Can somebody explain How the answer to this question becomes" 15 15" ?

In this question Why the out put display as
furry bray?
How that the m.makeNoise()output not becomes "generic noise"?
This swing program compiles & runs fine,but does not show Data in the Jtable. Can you correct it?(database is working properly) This project is done using netbeans

This is my code in beans package

This is my code in DAO package

This is my code in

10 years ago

10 years ago
Thanks.Mr Bates.I'll post in the swing forum

Thanks for the help.Can you give a solution
how to pass method local object(object created in the method) to work as a parameter of a another class's constructor(same package)as a data?
I want to send my form data to mysql database using Hibernate.I made a mysql database called hibernatedemo with student table which has fields id,name,email.
This @RequestMapping("AddContactOK") code is not working properly.can you explain a way to correct the below code
(//save data in mysql? place in first code set)
This is my code in in controller class

This is data in student class

This is my code in

This is my code in HibernateUtil class

10 years ago
Thanks.How to transfer date object in a form to a servlet & then to jsp ?
How to add Date field to a form using HTML?