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Recent posts by Karthikeyan Sivanaiah

Hi Ponnusamy,

Actually if we want the subclasses should follow some standards, we can go for interface / abstract.

But in the subclasses, we need to give our own implementation to the interface method. Instead of doing this, we can declare a local method in the class itself.
Here what is the real use of interface.

But in abstract, we can give some default behaviour. But in interface we cant give the default behaviour too.

Please explain the interface concept. How it helps in loose coupling.

Hello Steve,

Yes i got some points from you and Greg Charles, Sunny Jain.
I'll try your suggestions.

I thank you all for the great help.

Hello Team,

How to do mock test for a servlet program(with out webserver)
13 years ago
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the answer. I've one doubt in the code. Could you explain.

Whether each thread will look the condition. Once the thread is started, then first time only it will look the condition.

Also could you please if all the 4 threads are running in different JVMs, then how to achieve the same result.

One point i know that if cross JVM Thread program, common flat file can be used. but where we can place the common flat file. How the threads running in different JVMs will read/write the flat file. whether using normal File IO stream?

All the threads are running same JVM to search different servers.
Hello Team,

If 4 threads are involved simultaneously to search a word in different servers. if one thread is found that word, the other 3 threads should be notified and stopped.

Here wait/notify mechanism cant be used. How can we achieve this?

Thanks in advance.
Hello Friends,

I hav developed a java web application using jsp and servlets.

I'm using Eclipse Europa Version: 3.3.2 with Tomcat 5.5.26.

My Project Folder is like below:

MyProject -> WEB-INF -> src ------------------ Here i put all my .java files
MyProject -> WEB-INF -> classes ------------- Here i put all my .class files
MyProject ---------------------------------------- Here i put all my .jsp files

My ContextRoot is "/".

After that if i try to run the web application like "http://localhost:8081/MyProject/welcome.jsp

Then it throws "404 Error".

Please help me out to come out from this error.

Thanking you.

13 years ago